Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday at Habitat de Santa Fe

Our Care-A-Vanner team at Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity had a busy day. Yesterday we decided we'd gather at 0730 in the Roadrunner for some coffee before we went over to Oshara Village. It was a short 30 minutes but a great way to start the day.
Usually we form up around the main area for work instructions. This morning, the Santa Fe Habitat Director introduced a new construction manager who will be learning the ropes for a few months from the current on site manager.
John got on the task of painting the Hardy Board gables under the eves while Bill and I put up some diamond mesh for the plaster underneath the eves.The ladies were working inside on the shelving in the morning and we had our first boo-boo. Pam was using the hack saw and some edges of the shelving collided with her finger. Ouch! Marty provided some first aid. Meanwhile, Maria worked with Posey in another room.While Bill was working on the mesh, Allen was putting his tile cutting skills to use for the tile work on a bathroom window sill.Later in the day we wired rough cut tree poles to a metal pole frame fence. Once it is finished it provides some privacy for the driveways.In the evening, Maria and Allen invited us over for beef stew. While we were outside it rained in the distance and we were blessed with a spectacular rainbow.It was a day where we got a lot done. With all the exercise in the 7,000 altitude of Santa Fe, we are tiring quickly and we will be getting some good rest tonight!

More from Santa Fe on the Habitat for Humanity project and the Roadrunner Chronicles... see you next time and thanks for stopping in.

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  1. Hope you got out your gloves out to keep your fingers from freezing in the morning!!!
    How did your Allegro handle La Bajada hill on the way to Santa Fe ?
    Hope to see you both again, maybe dinner in Santa Fe some evening ???
    Bob and Judy