Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Next Steps

I thought a little bit about the title of this post and it could be, "Stepping On It" or "Working On the Steps" or "Regular RV Maintenance - The Steps".  But I settled on "the Next Steps".

We got to Virginia Beach for our next stay.  We are planning to be here until the day after Christmas and then head out West for the winter.  While here in Virginia Beach, we get to see the grandkids.  Its been almost four months and a lot has happened.

Brooks (2 years, 8 months) and Harrison (9 months)are both growing up like little people. Brooks turned the corner and know is glad to play with his little brudder.
They talk to each other (in their own language) and giggle and have a good time.  It is really fun to see.
We love being around and helping out and playing with them.  Sometimes they even help me...
OK - I took Harrison over to my laptop for a minute and then Brooks followed and wanted to see what was going on.  It was all I could do to hold these guys for a second while Pam snapped a quick photo.

So in addition to being around the grandkids, we are able to spend time with Kelly and Jon and get a few things done around the motor home.  I have had "repaint RV steps" on my To-Do list for a long time.  Last year while in Red Bay, I was anticipating getting the project done and I bought some reflective non-skid tape for the steps.

Last week I finally got on the project.
My list of steps to repaint/update the steps included:
  • Wash/clean off the steps
  • Peel off old reflective tape
  • Remove sticky residue on steps from tape
  • Use oscillating sander with 60 grit to sand off rust
  • Try "The Mouse" Black and Decker sander
  • Put small sanding drum on end of Dremel tool to sand
  • Switch to flap wheel sanding bit in electric drill
  • Clean residue
  • Lop on Navel jelly, let set, wipe off, wipe off with water
  • Fit cardboard box around the outside of steps and on ground (even with the drop cloth in place)
  • Tape plastic drop cloth all over area
  • Shake can of flat black Rustoleum paint well
  • Fit cardboard box around the outside of steps and on ground (even with the drop cloth in place)
  • Get wet rag ready in case needed
  • Spray into extra cardboard box to get desired spray flow
  • Cautiously spray entire step areas 
  • Let dry for a couple of days
  • Wipe off steps
  • Cut new reflective tape to desired length
  • Apply tape to steps
  • Get small can of flat black paint
  • Touch up as necessary
 And the final product - Looks better than it did a couple of weeks ago.

Lessons Learned:
- Tape up drop cloth ($1 at Dollar Tree) 4 times more than you think is needed
- Navel Jelly did well
- Best sanding tools were Dremel drum attachment and drill sanding flap wheel bit
- Reflective stair way non-skid tape:  $10 each step at Red Bay; $6 at Home Depot for 1 piece big enough for both steps.

That's about it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles. We're enjoying the grandkids and getting some things done around the motor home.

Meanwhile, we're about to get real busy.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for joining us!


  1. Wow, the grandkids sure are growing up fast. We are finding that with our 2 as well. It is so much fun to spend time with them but soon our visit will be over. :-(

    You did a fantastic job on your steps, they look so much better.

  2. Nice to be able to spend the holidays with the grand kids.
    Thanks for the how too on the steps. Mine look very bad after all the stays on Del Mar. That will be my project while we are there in Feb. Yours came out great!

  3. The grandkids are why we return home:) They are sure fun to watch grow:)

  4. Those grandkids are growing!! Seems like yesterday that Brooks was born!! Two already!!!
    The steps look better than new!!

  5. We are in North Forth Worth in an old mobile home park where we just fit, but it's location location and price.375/mo plus electric 50amps fhu and close to everything,5 minutes to Randy's 7 grands. Roanoke,Grapevine, Dallas KOA have weekly's only= 1200-1300/mo plus electric. The steps look really good.

  6. The grandkids are really growing quickly. Very nice job on the steps. I recall having to re-paint mine once, but then I had to have them totally replaced. The old ones really looked good when I had them removed, though.