Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ocean Pines and more RV Friends

We are here for a few more weeks in Virginia and enjoying the nice Spring weather.  The past few weeks we have been staying at the Sea Mist RV Campground on Oceana Naval Station Annex at Dam Neck.

Sea Mist is one of the nicest military campgrounds we've stayed at and we always enjoy being at this place.  The sites are good and what really makes it stand out is the maintenance.  They have a couple of full time guys here that putter around the grounds and keep it well maintained.  It shows with all the grass being mowed, the shrubs trimmed and the pine cones picked up.

Plus, they have a crew that comes in daily to clean the laundry and restrooms.  The office staff is accommodating and have worked with us to extend our stay here.  We got here in mid December and have been here since then.

Last week we went to Fairfax and helped with Adam and Melissa's kitchen remodel.  Its been quite a project but they are in the final stages of completion.  They did a lot of the work themselves with assembling all the cabinets and some ceramic work.  We helped with all the trim and drywall patching, and caulking.


It turned out well and I think we are all pleased.  Kitchen and bathroom remodels are based on what one wants and can afford. And its always a challenge in inconvenience and schedules.  They got with five different contractors plus Adam and Melissa and Pam and me so it was a group effort to say the least. It worked out and despite the disruption it was done in three weeks.

After returning to Sea Mist, we stayed a few more days before we had to move 5 miles down the road to Ocean Pines Campground.  This is at Ocean Naval Air Station and one we have visited a few years ago. It also is quite adequate and a little more convenient.
At Ocean Pines, we use a code on a gate that moves back and forth for entry/exit.  And it is closer to Jon and Kelly so it saves us about 10 minutes each way from their house.  The park itself is maintained pretty well as is Sea Mist RV Campground.  Also, the price is right at $25 / night.

An interesting point about Ocean Pines is that it used to be the base mobile home park.  It was converted to an RV Campground years ago.  The streets and layout is the same.  The sewer connections were left where they were for the mobile homes instead of moved to the side of the site.   That means I had to crawl on my back to hook up the sewer hose which is positioned directly between the rear tires.  It was less convenient but still workable.

The site is level and we are able to get satellite TV.  Internet service here is not that great and typical of most RV parks.  All in all it is we're glad we have a spot and I'm glad we are able to stay here.  Lots of RVers are heading north as we move through Spring, so campgrounds are getting more crowded.

Recently I was on Facebook and found some friends from our Hawaii days back in the 1980's.  They posted some pictures of work on their  Airstream.  They live in Georgia and are refurbishing the entire insides of an older model they bought a few years ago.

I got in contact and found out Tim had a Navy reunion this past weekend and was going to be in town.  We had dinner and he came out to see us at the campground.
It was great to hear his stories about the Airstream and how they purchased it and how they are doing a lot of work on it.  Another great reason I love this lifestyle -- we keep running into people who are in various stages of RVing.  And I have often said there are so many ways to do this RV thing, that it is fun learning about their approach.  Hopefully there will be some camping together with Tim and Caroyl at some point in the not too distant future.

I don't think I have mentioned this before, but daughter Kelly is having surgery this Wednesday to remove a fibroid.  Thanks for your prayers for her and the family.

That's about it for now from Virginia Beach!  Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles today!  Would love to hear from you!


  1. Nice to hear about the camp grounds and see the remodel results. Wish her the best in the surgery procedure. I know that will be on your minds also.

  2. The finished kitchen looks great!! I know they will enjoy making wonderful meals there.
    The campsites look and sound nice!!

  3. Nice to hear from you guys. We will in St Louis for a couple of months. I just had shoulder surgery.

  4. I have to visit those campgrounds, they sound like they are just what we look for. Have to say military campgrounds are a super bennie for old retired sailors like me. :c)

  5. The kitchen looks great. Looks like everyone did a wonderful job on it! It is always nice to hook up with old friends, Facebook and the internet can be useful when used right and it's not always a waste of time. ;-)

    Good luck to Kelly with her surgery, hope her recovery is quick.