Sunday, June 28, 2015

Time in Zion National Park

To help me remember a lot of the places we have been in the last six weeks, I found this map that helps.
In the middle of the map is Mt Carmel which is where we stayed.
From there we went to Zion National Park five times.

The first day we arrived at our campground in the mid-afternoon.  We decided on a game plan of getting up early and driving the 12 miles over to the Visitor Center at Zion which is near the 'far' entrance on the outskirts of the town of Springdale.
We were on our way and out the door before 7:00 AM and the gate to Zion was not yet manned.
We entered at the East Entrance scenery was immediately struck by the beauty of the park.
I took a few photos along the way but the first time in the park we wanted to get to the Visitor Center and ride the shuttle through the Canyon.
We rode the entire length of the Canyon to the Temple of Sinewawa.  We then got off and took a short hike up to the Narrows and Slot Canyon.  
It was cool, the trail was well maintained and it was a leisurely walk.  Since it was fairly early in the morning, we almost had the place to ourselves for a while.   
After our  hike, we boarded the shuttle and then got off on every stop on the way back down.  We tried to look around and take some pictures absorb some of it.  It was really something at every stop.
Weeping Rock, the Grotto, Court of the Patriarchs, Zion Lodge -- there is really a lot to see.

On another day, we drove over to St. George UT and did some shopping.  The quickest way there was through Zion so we enjoyed that.  We also spent some time in Springdale and had lunch at an outdoor cafe.
The town is a bit trendy with lots of upscale motels and it reminded me a little bit of Sedona, AZ.

On thing I want to remember is the Mt Carmel Motel and RV where we stayed.  It was a quaint little place with 7 motel rooms for rent and the campground next to it with 8 sites.  They were a little tight but I liked the place, the price and the friendly people we met there.
Right next to us were a foursome from the Buffalo, NY area.  And I met Paul and his family from Pennsylvania.  They had a bit of a reunion with family, some of whom stayed at the motel so it was very convenient.
Our last visit to Zion, Pam dropped me off near the Museum and she went down to the Visitor Center.  She then took a hike along the river while I rode up to the top of the Canyon to the Temple of Sinewawa.
It was all uphill from the start, but it was very pretty.  I enjoyed the ride back to the Visitor Center a little more.

This was our first trip to Zion and I hope we get the chance to come back.  There is way more to do there and it is one of our favorites.


  1. Zion is a great park. When we lived in SLC, we visited several times. No shuttle back then; we just drove through at our leisure. Weeping Wall is especially beautiful in the winter when the water seeping out of the wall freezes and forms icicles.

  2. You are in a most beautiful area of the country. We love that area and all the different parks so close to each other. Keep having fun.

  3. I went to Zion right after high school and rode through it on my motorcycle. I still have fond memories of Zion's amazing beauty. Looking forward to getting there again.

  4. We were at Zion about 30 some years ago and it was fabulous..Thanks for taking us back .

  5. We didn't get to Zion last year when we were in a different part of Utah, but it is definitely on our list. There are just so many beautiful areas in that part of the country.