Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Friends Along the Way

We left JEB Little Creek MWR Campground about about 9:25 AM.  It was like starting out as 'Newbies'.  Sort of.

"Let's see, when I hook up the car, I need three cables or is it four?"

After we got rolling, it all came back to me and I felt pretty comfortable in about 15 minutes.  Once we got onto I-264, it was like old times.  Man, I love driving this thing!  Such a smooth ride, big front window, etc etc.

About 90 minutes into our trip, we got a text from longtime friends Winnie and Bub who now live in the Raleigh area.  They asked if we could meet them somewhere along I-85.  We estimated we'd be at Exit 150 about 1:00 PM.

Pam found a Flying J using our copy of the EXIT book
Then we settled in for the trip and enjoyed the drive.  The Roadrunner was just breezing along.  After a couple of hours Pam wanted to drive so we stopped and made a quick change of drivers.

I served up a snack which was cheese and Ritz crackers.  About noon, we rolled into a Rest Stop and I took over again.  We contacted our friends and pulled into the Travel J about 1:05 PM.

They made about a 45 minute drive over to see us for a few minutes which was very nice of them.

We got a bite to eat and I got to use my new selfie  stick which was fun..

Then it was back on the road to a commercial campground about 8 miles off the Interstate.  High Rock Marina and Campground.

After we got our site and set up, we hooked up the cable and it took a while to change things to get the cable TV.  The owners manual was helpful.  It was not intuitive as we thought it should be.  After that I got some firewood and got that going while Pam watched a little MLB.
Pam fixed dinner and we ate outside near the campfire.  Later we waited for the NCAA Championship Tournament Finals to come on.  Pam lasted until halftime and I stayed up to watch the whole thing.  Excited game and I wish both could have won.

That was our day back on the road.  Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. What a nice way to start your time back on the road. Looking forward to your reporting many more wonderful days.

  2. I see which game was on the television. A tough first game loss for the Nationals. Good to hear that all went well with your "first" day back on the road.

    1. Yes - I think the Nats are looking pretty good, but thats what we said last year...

  3. The Next Exit book is one of the best things we use when we travel. We get a new one every year. It's more handy than a GPS.

    1. Yes - look for you to be named in an upcoming post - I always appreciate your input!

  4. We found that RVing gives us a chance to meet people with common interests but still with different background and history,during our 13 years of summer RVing we made many friends that enriched our lives, it is a blessing.

    1. Hi and thanks for the note!
      Yes it is - its something we don't take for granted. New friends, places, experiences... This lifestyle fits us and is wonderful.

      Wow. 13 summers. There are so many ways to do this. Full time, part time, anytime, half time, summer time.

  5. Love the header photo! Your campsite looks lovely...We need to get that book, Next Exit...Our GPS is sometimes a pain in the you know what...