Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Projects

As you may know, we love to do projects around the house.  At least those around someone else's house.  We got the chance to do that over a couple of weekends when we visited Adam and Melissa in Fairfax.

Their townhouse needs some things done that make it more and more 'theirs'.  One thing they did after they moved in was pull up all the carpet and expose the beautiful wood floors.  They also had some wall paper they wanted to remove.  Pam and Adam jumped on that project.  The wallpaper wasn't your standard paper type.  It was something else that was raised, had some designs in it and was the color that made it look a little like metal.
Fearless Pam took a look and treated it like regular wall paper.  She got a plastic putty knife, a water spray bottle and away she went.  The first layer came off pretty well but the adhesive was still on the wall.  The goal here was to take it down to the bare wall and not damage the sheet rock.
After a couple of hours of elbow grease with some TLC, Adam and Pam got it all off.

They let it dry a day or so, then Pam put two coats of paint on it and it looks just like the other walls.
You can see the paint line and the difference from the painted to unpainted.
While that was going on, I was downstairs in basement/laundry room/work shop area. We talked it over and decided to put in a small L-shaped work bench in the corner.

We measured things out and decided we could come up with a surface area of 2' deep, 6' across the back and 4' down the side.  With a shelf using the same dimensions, it only took 1 sheet of plywood 3/4' thick.  We also got some 2" x 2"s for support/legs and 1" x 2" for trim.
Then we secured a 2"x 2" across the back and side 30" from the ground and we were on our way.  We got the sheet of plywood cut to the right size at Home Depot before we left the store.
We went slowly and tried to fit the shelves and posts in place before we secured them.  Then it was fairly steady going and a couple of hours later, we had a workbench!
We love doing these things and enjoyed our time with Adam and Melissa.  More projects to follow...

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles today!

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  1. You just can't sit still, can you? :c)

    Really super job on that work bench! (And the wallpaper removal - that's not fun at all).