Monday, April 6, 2009

Allegro Bus

We are staying in Virginia Beach for a few days. What a great place. Nothing like being able to run on the beach or go for an evening walk. We are down here to get the condo ready to sell and listed in the next few days.

While here, we contacted an RV seller who has a 2007 Allegro Bus and went to check it out. The Bus is a step above the Phaeton model--both are made by Tiffin. The bus was very impressive. It has a great looking style and color that we like. Kelly and her friend Nikkos joined Pam and I for the test drive.
Inside, it has the soft ultra leather couches/beds and full decorative tile from the front to the back. On the passenger side, it has a pull out tray for a laptop. It is very similar to the Phaeton model, only nicer.
Outside, the Allegro Bus has awnings over the window in addition to one's over the whole slide out. I had to climb on top to check out the solar panels which are a real plus when we camp with no electrical hookups. Next to the solar is the bathroom skylight. Back inside shelves were installed in place of the washer and dryer. That is a real plus for us since we'd rather have the space.
We took it for a drive, checked out the independent suspension, turning and overall drive-abililty. Very nice. Later that night, we joined up with some of Kelly's friends at Bubbas, a local seafood restuarant.
These guys all were a BIG help with work on the condo (Nikkos, Amber, Brad, Ricky, Kelly and Pam). More on the condo next time. It's about time to head out for another run on the beach before heading over to the condo and finishing up it up before we turn it over to the realtor today. Check in next time for pix on the move-in ready condo...

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