Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Back Door for the Garage

We are just about done with the garage. We ordered a new backdoor a couple of weeks ago and the guys came to install it. The old one has a dog door for Ed. Since winter is approaching, we will just let him out the back door.
The guys did a good job. I lov,e watching the professionals do their thing. Besides having the right tools to make quick work of it, they have done it so many times it is almost second nature. For me sometimes these things are a major project. They make it look easy.
The tricky piece of it can be hanging the door 'square' since it opens and closes without any hitches. This one took about an hour and it was done. Works like a champ.
We are going to have them do some siding work, and we will paint the door and it should be all done shortly.

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  1. Hi, You guys have really been busy!! I heard the LOW is no more. Seems like I read that in Highways Magazine - the Good Sam one. I lived at Watergate at Landmark from 1978-2002. Bob lived in Bethesda for 20+ years and coached CEOs until we got married --actually 10 years ago today! If nothing else, the traffic in DC will drive you to become fulltimers. I'll have to catch up on you but too late tonight! Lynda and Bob