Saturday, January 19, 2008

Downsizing -- first thing is the books...

One of the tough things in this has been deciding to get rid of most of my personal library. I have taken pride in accumulating hundreds and hundreds of books. But there is not much space for a bunch of books in an RV. So it boils down to, "Do these things own me, or do I own them?"
My process has been to move a group at a time from their place on the bookshelf to the floor. After that, I stare at them for a few days, then I eventually put them into boxes and finally dispose of them.

I have given some to friends and some to my weekly men's group. I have donated some to the 'Mud House' which is a coffee shop for soldiers in Iraq. I have donated some to charity. I have sent boxes to my brother, some to a sister-in-law.

There is more to go but we are getting there. The bookshelves are spoken for so they will have a new home too.

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