Sunday, December 30, 2007

Maybe a Fifth Wheel

We decided we need to look at fifth wheels. We want to make good choices and incorporate some objectivity in our decision about our next home if we possibly can. Both the Class A and the fifth wheel RVs are going to depreciate significantly so we need to learn all we can about them and go through 'what if' scenarios to see if we'd be at peace with a fifth wheel.

A fifth wheel is about 1/2 the cost of a Class A motorhome. We could get a very good 'fiver' for about $75k. We figure could get a used Ford 350 diesel for about $25K-30K. We are looking at 2 year old diesel pusher Class A's for about $150K.

Research, research research. I start by looking at large dealers on the internet and poring over the different brands and models. Most sites almost always have a group of photos that show the interior and exterior along with some stats on the length and square footage.

Cost is not the only consideration in the pending Great Adventure, but we need at least to satisfy ourselves that we did our due diligence.
The layout of fifth wheels are quite different than Class A's.
Another item is the notion of having a big diesel pick up as our car. With the Class A we could tow our Pathfinder.
There are a whole lot of other differences that we are finding out.

We will be talking extensively about fifth wheels at the next RV show or dealer we visit.

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