Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lunches in Alabama

One of the great things about this RV full timing lifestyle is being able to see friends and family.  Because we were in the military, we have made friends from all over the country.  And while we have been in Florida the panhandle / lower Alabama area we have been able to get together with some friends.

It has been great.

We have been friends with Bill and Linda since 1979.  They were missionaries to U.S. servicemen and women in Korea in Kunsan.  Pam and I were stationed at Kunsan AB and both on active duty at the time. Over the years we have kept up with them and have seen what a wonderful impact they have had on people's lives over the years.

They are in Pensacola for a few weeks while on furlough from Korea and we wanted to get over here to see them.  We had them over to the Roadrunner for dinner one night and then we attended the first night of their home church's Missions Conference.
They had a display set up and had a session where they presented some pictures and explained how they interact with the service men and basically what they do over there as missionaries.  Then Bill played a couple of songs on his Korean dulcimer and gave the message.  There were two other missionary families there for the conference.  One family was serving in Mexico and the other in New Zealand.

Here is a shot of us with Bill and Linda.
The next day we were invited to join the pastor and missionaries and some guests for lunch over in Foley, Alabama at Lambert's Cafe.
What a hoot!
We learned about 'roll tossin' and 'passarounds' and had some great food in a very unique atmosphere.
It is a special place with restaurants at two other locations including Branson MO.  It was fun!
A guy literally walks around with rolls and tosses them across the restaurant to you.  And the helpings of food were big.  Like take home box big! And our servers had all kinds of practical jokes they spring on you.  I jumped high out of my chair when Patti "accidentally" exploded a plastic bottle of mustard all over me.  It was foam strings---but at the time I thought I was had!

And the 'passarounds' are servers who bring: fried okra, black eyed peas, or fried onions and potatoes around and serve it up at no extra cost.  If you haven't been to Lambert's it is a short 35 minute drive from Pensacola and worth the trip.

Then yesterday I was sitting here in the Roadrunner doing some monthly financials when Darrell came up on Facebook and said he and Judy were near by in Summerdale, AL.  I found Darrell's website back in 2008 when I was first researching and learning about RVing.  But we had never met and this was our chance!  It was about 45 minutes from Pensacola so we hopped in the car and went to see them at their place at the Escapees RV park.

We went out to eat at Big Daddy's Grill in nearby Fairhope, AL.  It was another great place to eat.
After lunch we toured the Escapees park and found out Jim and Ellie were there.  We first me them in Red Bay about 18 months ago while we were getting work done on our Tiffin motor homes.  We chatted for a while and took a group shot.
It was great to see friends and meet new ones.  In fact this winter we have seen more friends while we have been in Florida than we expected.  It has really been great!  And there is a bonus, unplanned get together like yesterday.  You never know how the days will turn out some times.

That's it for another edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Thanks for joining us.  Until next time...


  1. What fun! Lambert's sounds like a hoot. How many buns end up on the floor? I'm not a good catcher. Oh yum, fried's been a long time since I had some....made my mouth water!

    It's nice to meet new friends and see old ones...

    1. I only saw two rolls land on the floor during our time there.

  2. I agree with Gay and Joe -- how many rolls end up on the floor? LOL! Have seen Lambert's featured on the Travel Channel and definitely want to check it out sometime. Sounds like a fun place to go!

  3. Sounds like a fun place to stop!

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. We have been to Fairhope several times, but missed Big Daddy's place. will have to correct that:)