Saturday, March 23, 2013

Florida History in Tallahassee

We are in Tallahassee, FL for a few days.  We decided we wanted to see the State Capitol and some historical items in the city.  I don't know why we haven't visited more state capitols.  Sadly, I think we have only seen and toured Santa Fe NM and Harrisburg PA.  Maybe we will add that to our list of things to see.

We are staying at the Tallahassee RV Park.  It is very convenient to getting the downtown area.  Only about 5 miles away and a straight shot into town.  I really like this RV park.  It is clean, well manicured and maintained.  The rates are going up to $41/night.  We paid $38 and now that we have been able to see some of Tallahassee, I am not sure we would pay those prices again.  Still, our projected average for March is $22.38 - a little under our $25/night budget.

The Old Capitol is now a museum.
We arrived just in time to hear some experts begin a presentation on "Early Roads in Florida" - between  St. Augustine and Pensacola.
It was fascinating!
After the hour long seminar we viewed some old maps of Florida in the next room.
Then we saw other displays throughout the capitol.
I did not realize Andrew Jackson was military governor of Florida in 1821, eight years before he became President.

From the Capitol we went to the Florida History Museum.  It was another nice surprise and a GREAT museum.  Every display in it was very well done!
Like we do often, we listened to the 'Overview Video' and then went through all the display rooms.

First ancient history…early inhabitants
Then the Spaniards and their huge influence in Florida.  And their sunken treasures...
Some of the key cities and industry 
In the early 1900's RVs made it to Florida.

The state was an important area for the military during World War II
 After the war, many came back to visit and solidify a growing tourism industry.
If you get to see the museum, I highly recommend it.  It was very well done and among the best we have seen in our travels.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. We were at a campground in Tallahassee in November 2000. Didn't see much of the city but all we heard about was "Dangling" Chads! May need to return and learn a little about our new state of residence:o))

  2. Visiting state capitals can be so informative. The Florida History Museum looks very interesting. We will be sure to check it out next time we are in the area.

  3. Randy thanks for the info on Tallahassee. It looks like an area which would be very informative to visit. I like the collages.

  4. We have been to 48 state capitals. We have an album of pictures of the capitol building and grounds and many of the inside. It was a wonderful hobby, and kept us busy for several years.

  5. Thanks for the post...I may have to put Tallahassee on my list for next winter.

  6. I went to that Museum when I was working down at the magnet labs. Thought it was a great place.