Friday, September 10, 2010

Repairs and Upgrades for the Roadrunner

We are cooking!

In other words, we feel as if a lot of things are getting done here at the Tiffin Service Center at Red Bay.  David and Craig worked on some smaller items while they ordered the windows.  We got a couple of bay doors adjusted and the water anode replaced.  We had the generator switch in the bedroom replaced, the light for the water pump in the bathroom fixed and the toilet replaced.
Next David and Craig replaced every window in the coach except for the windshield.  The new windows are definitely better quality and will hopefully take care of the fogging issue in the double panes.

Last night, Chris came over and took out the three burner stove and the oven.  He built a cupboard in its place right above the furnace.
Then he installed a new cooktop/ 3 burner stove.
Chris took the oven and stove out side and struggled with it through the door.  It was really heavy.  Pam got to work putting pots and pans into her new kitchen cupboard and realized Chris had taken the oven outside and it had a lot of things still stored inside!
A couple of cast iron skillets in the oven really makes it heavy!

In the bedroom he removed the TV cabinet and will scale it down and make another cabinet with doors.
We made the decision to remove our Corian kitchen table.  It will give us more room and we can use the computer table and put the leaves up to
This morning we rolled into Bay 29 for new shades.
We spent all day there and got day/night shades installed.  All the valances had to be modified so it was quite a job.

That captures what we did the last couple of days and the things we got replaced and or modified. Feels like we have a new home.

Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles today!


  1. Like your up-grades - always something to improve and make life easier!! Have found a lot of available, unused space under sinks, behind walls, uner sofas etc. We replaced J-sofa & BIG recliner with Stressless Ekornes chairs - we love them. Next on the list, just like you've done is replace the blinds - having them sent to TX to do myself - hope I havn't bit off more than I can handle! We will both have computer desks when the dust settles! Speaking of dust - would be hard to follow you guys around - you cover a lot of territory - we enjoy the trip!
    Bud & Mona

  2. Great upgrades! I see you all finally decided to get the MCD shades??? We certainly have enjoyed ours and feel it has been a great purchase.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  3. looks like some major renovations going on!!..have fun getting your "house" back to normal!!!

  4. Looks to me like you just had an "extreme makeover" done on that rig!! I had to laugh at the iron skillets in the wonder it was so heavy..(I store my wine in our oven.. I would have DEFINTITELY been hollering for that back!)