Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Into the Service Bay

We were pretty excited when Eddie called us and told us to have the Roadrunner in front of Service Bay 6.  They pulled us in right after lunch ended.  We went over the list of items we wanted them to work on and they started at it.
They sprayed the DS rear jack and it now retracks without hesitating.  They looked at the generator switch and could not duplicate the clicking sound so I think they fixed it.  We will see on that.  One of the bay doors was taken off and adjusted slightly so it has more clearance with the underneath edge of the DS slideout.
After about an hour the windows showed up.  They will finish up the items they are working on before they tackle the windows.
We had about 4 hours in the service bay and got a good start on things.  We were glad to get into the service bay yesterday.  Now we will be able to go through the list until we are done.  I am guessing it will be the first of next week but we will see.

They quite at 3:00 so we pulled out and parked back over at our site.  We ran an errand in town and went to the Post Office, then had dinner.  After dinner we went for another walk and went past the end of the campground.
At the far end of the area, they have about 15 or 20 motor homes that are there for long term parking.  Most have work that needs to be done but are in no hurry to get it done.  Owners then have to find a way to either pick up the motor home or make arrangements to have someone drive it to them.

It was a balmy evening so we sat outside for a while and talked with our neighbor David.  He has a high-end 43' American Eagle coach ($500K+) and is downsizing to a 36' Allegro Bus ($330K).

That is how we spend our day.  Thanks for checking in with us on the Roadrunner Chronicles.


  1. Looks like things are going along smoothly and you won't be stuck in service for long. That's always a good feeling. Can't get on with the FT living in a service bay. :)

  2. Good to hear you're getting those problems taken care of and fixed. Sure is nice to be able to get all new windows under warranty - great deal!

  3. Sure looks like they are taking care of everything! It's nice to know you can still get good service out there! Hope they pop those windows in the holes soon and you can hit the road!

  4. Sounds like a good service day!

  5. Hope the rest of the service goes well. The windows look like a big job.

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