Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Plugging and Chugging in Red Bay

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Sunday we awoke to a beautiful day.  I was up early getting some hours in working.  We took our time getting to the First Baptist Church in Red Bay and made the 10:45 AM service.

After that we drove the Roadrunner over to the wash rack at the Allegro Campground and spend 90 minutes cleaning it up.  It needed a wash badly!  Then we parked it at our site and I spent the next 2-3 hours applying The Solution it.  It was really shining up nicely!

We watched some tennis and football and arrived back at the Service Bay at 7:00 AM on Monday morning  so they could complete the touch up and painting for the crack and the two joint caps on the corner of the slide outs.
The left side of the picture is 'before'; the two pictures on the right top and bottom is the 'after'.
Kelly and LJ did a very good job and finished us up by 2:00 PM.

We returned to our site and we had Chris Berry come over to finish installing the trim and cabinet underneath stove.
It turned out nicely also.  He will add a piece on each side of our black out shades in the cockpit and we will be done.

We are now sitting in Brannon's parking lot at Custom RV outside of Red Bay in Vina, AL.  He is going to install a Wilson antenna and a couple of other minor things.  We should be heading to Florida tomorrow and we are looking forward to it.

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  1. Looks like they did a great job on the repair's. I have only read of one blogger who was not happy with the service there. Just curious ,the trim piece at the edge of the slide ,was that there before or is it part of the repair, just curious because lit looks like it would help tame the vibrations.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. It looks great! But what I really want to know is...what IS "The Solution"??? I am the one who washes the vehicles and I like to keep up with the cleaning stuff! Is it wax?? just wonderin'

  3. I was also wondering about "the solution."

  4. Glad you are about to depart Red Bay. It does tend to get a little boring after awhile.

    Come on down to Florida! It's still a little hot, but the mornings and evenings are pleasant.

  5. Sure would be nice to be heading down to Florida about now. Looks like a nice job on the repairs!

  6. I'm sure you're glad the repairs are all done and you can head on your way.

    It's tough to have bugs in your MH but looks like Tiffin did a great job "exterminating" them!

  7. Glad your Red Bay jobs went well. I have always heard such good things about how they get things done there.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard