Saturday, September 4, 2010

Maynardville Friday

The first thing that caused me to get my camera out yesterday was a shot of a sleeping dog - Fisher.  Fisher is a chocolate lab who likes to sleep on the cool kitchen floor.  I was making a sandwich and I dropped some lunch meat on the floor.
I wondered if the dog would wake up with a piece of meat nearby... Nope ~ I laid it on his nose and he just keep sleeping.   We couldn't believe it!  He woke up in few minutes and it was gone in a hurry!

We had a 2:00 PM date to meet Jane and Bob at the Starbucks on I-75 near the Powell exit.  They live in Rugby and we saw them last in early April.  They were going downtown to Knoxville for a Friday night concert so getting together with them worked out.  We had a great time catching up and will definitely be looking forward to seeing them again soon.  Jane has family back in Virginia Beach where she grew up.  Since we will be there in a month, the chances are pretty good we'll be getting together again.

Friday night across America folks, were doing the same thing we did ~ attending a high school football game.  It was a nice evening and a great game.  Kayla plays flute in the marching band and is the drum major at times, so we were excited to get to see her and the rest of the kids.
Here's Joan, Mike, Michelle (Kayla's mom) and Pam as we head over to the stands.
Kayla and the band were seated nearby before they took the field at halftime.
Union County played Carter High School.  Though Union County was the underdog they almost held the lead until a minute before half time when Carter tied it at 14 all.  But Union County won the game on the last play 34-28.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Hope you have a great weekend!  Thanks for viewing the Roadrunner Chronicles today!  And thanks to 92 of you that have participated in my poll.  It will be running for a couple more days.


  1. The picture of Fisher is priceless!! Thanks for the good laugh. =)

  2. Fisher's photo is hilarious! Let sleeping dogs lie.

  3. Fisher needs an ear, nose and throat Doc to check that nose!!! (just kidding)..He's a riot!!!
    Nothing quite like a high school football game to me!!! It's that time of year!

  4. Fisher is one laid back Lab!! I'm afraid our Cody would have awaken for a piece of meat.
    Great pic and priceless story!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. The photo of Fisher with the lunchmeat on his nose is too funny! Amazing that he didn't instantly smell it and gobble it up right away.

    I took your poll and it was fun to participate. Great idea!