Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What I think of on April Fools Day

I have fond memories of my dad. He was a good guy and I remember putting sugar in the salt shakers on his birthday. It was on April 1st

There were four of us, but this shot is of my next oldest brother and I sometime about 1953. I'm on the right. Or was it the left?Not sure what we were doing but I saw this in the stack of photos I have scanned and aim to put together a whole book on these kinds of memories. (more on that another day)

Photos are great. Good times. He left quite a legacy. He'd be proud of the way his four boys turned out. He was a good man. A great example.

I was thinking of posting something like:
'We've decided to put our RV dream on hold!'
'We are freaking out and can't do this RV full-time thing...'


But I came across this instead and decided not to.
Plus we are still committed and excited about pursuing the RV lifestyle.

Hope you day is memorable.

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  1. I like to read about April Fool's day jokes, but not be victim to one! So thanks for resisting :-)