Sunday, March 29, 2009

PT and Running

Part of preparing to launch into our RV adventure has been seeing doctors and dentists and getting prescriptions filled and all caught up. We are thinking it may be less convenient to get those kinds of things once we leave here in a few months.

I used to run a lot--like every day. I ran in high school and during my career in the Air Force and just love it. I ended up running the Honolulu Marathon once and the Duke City Marathon three times. One year I ran over 1,000 miles. But after I turned 40, things changed.

I was 41 at the time and training for the Marine Corps Marathon (1994). A week after an 18 mile training run we were out for an easy 8 mile run and I pulled a calf muscle. It was unexpected and I really pulled it. That was it for that marathon. I kept getting hurt more and more as I tried to comeback (Achilles tendinitis, three hammertoe repairs) and essentially quit. It was discouraging to run a couple weeks and come up lame.

But last fall my neighbor Gil, who is 66 (and completed a cross country 49 day bike trip from LA to Boston) said 'give me a few months and we'll have you back into your high school running shape'. I'm not there yet but I have hope.

We worked together on a training regimen but I could not get past the 3 mile point without severe soreness in my calf. So I saw the experts.

I went to a podiatrist, got new orthotic insoles and started seeing a physical therapist. (see picture of some of the staff and the facility.)
It has been a slow process but the PT is working. The staff is cordial and helpful. My main focus areas are increasing my flexibility, strengthening my calf muscles and running with better posture.
Each week I see evidence of recovery. Yesterday was one of my better runs so once again I am encouraged.
After the run, Pam and I got back to working on the house and deciding on how to price it and going over the 'net estimate' sheets. At this point we have less than three weeks before we put it on the market. More on that next time.

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  1. When it comes to running, there is only one you have to truly compete against - yourself!