Thursday, March 19, 2009

Music on the Blog?

One thing I didn't think about when I added the music a while back was the bandwidth requirement. I just had a reader say it is an issue for his connection, therefore he passes on those blogs that have music.

Another think I wonder about is whether or not is is annoying? Instead of being interested (my intent) to see what song I have selected, some may be annoyed and search to find the turn off/pause button!

So I thought I'd ask the rest of our readers about the music on the blog page. What do you think: Should I
  • Remove it?
  • Keep it?
Thanks for the feedback!
Let me know -- I want to make this into something that works best


  1. Well, I usually end up turning it off. I'd be more interested in a daily/weekly video that changes, maybe? Maybe when you're on the road, you can tell people where you're at, how long you'll be there, etc?

  2. I would like to see you either remove the music or have it on your site – but not started by default. I enjoy reading your site and find that I always have turn it off – most of the time I have my own music on.

    I do enjoy reading your site and like you am hoping to get on the road as working fulltimers this year (if we can unload our stix and bricks).

  3. Thanks for the feedback. That would make it unanimous so far-- so I removed it. If there is interest in bringing it back (or finding a widget where the music didn't automatically start) at a later time, I'll consider it.

    Stay tuned (so to speak) for updates on the video message.

    Thanks again