Sunday, March 15, 2009

Running at Burke Lake

Fitness is a challenge the older I get. When Pam and I venture off into RV full-timing, I want to be in fairly good shape. That's why I have been getting back into running a bit. Last fall I had the good fortune to meet up with my neighbor Gil who is a runner and wins local races in his age group.

Gil faithfully sends weekly emails to get us 'Boys and Girls' and/or 'atheletes' out for a run. We usually run at Burke Lake which is a 218-acre lake with fishing, boating, camping and a well maintained 4.6 mile trail that encircles the whole thing. It is a great place to run.
As Leader of the Pack Gil cajoles, encourages, shames and uses any other tactics that come to mind to get us out and running. It quite often works. Besides being good for us-- it is a lot of fun.
Yesterday was no exception. It was a comfortable 45 degrees when we met at 7:30. Actually (just for the record) all who responded to the email were there and ready to go at 7:23. Our usual ritual is to gather, stretch, warm up and/or hit the latrine-- then head out.

The payoff is to meet up for social time at the local Silver Diner. Pecan pancakes, chili omelets, oatmeal, coffee -- usually hits the spot. This is a picture of the group from yesterday.
Its fun to hear the latest of what's going on with folks: building a home in Ecuador, training for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, getting houses ready to sell, a recent movie review......
Time runs out before we're done but its always a good time.Running at Burke Lake is fun when you have a good group to join up with and even more fun when we end up at Silver Diner!

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