Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summertime Baseball!

We love to go see live professional baseball games.  While in Virginia Beach, we got the chance to see the Norfolk Tides - the AAA affiliate for the Baltimore Orioles.
It was $.50 Hot Dog Night so it was crowded.
And they were stacking them high.  The orders were usually at least 6 or 8 hotdogs at a time.

But it was a fantastic night and a really fun time.  We went with Kelly and Jon and friend Dan.
With box seats at $14.00 we got a great vantage point.  The Tides played a great game, had a lot of offense and won 10-4.


  1. We have flown our grandson in from Houston, and will see a Chicago Cubs game this week at Wrigley Field. . .we did NOT get box seats (which are $130 and up. . .ouch). . .we felt fortunate to get lower level, first base line for $34. . .but what an experience. . .right?

    Love baseball. . .in any form!

    If you are ever in the Austin TX area, be sure to see the Rangers Farm Team play at Round Rock. . .so great!

  2. We also love taking in a baseball game, and we've found that minor league games are just as much fun as the big leagues, and you get a lot more value for your money. We even search out AA or A games when we can. Looks like you had great weather too!


  3. We greatly prefer minor league ball.