Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In the DC Area Again

We left Little Creek Campground before 8:00 AM yesterday and drove up the Eastern Shore across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge - Tunnel.  It was a day full of adventure and surprises.  Our first surprise was about 10 minutes into our 4+ hour trip when we paid the toll - $31 !

Yikes!  We were expecting $10-$12 for some reason.  We didn't remember how much we paid the last time we did  this, but what are you going to do?  We paid the toll.  Meanwhile the lady at the booth could not have been nicer.  She was very pleasant and after we asked if she was sure that is what the price was, she showed us the charge guide and where we fit on the chart.

Then she suggested we could do up I-95 for free and would help get us turned around and headed back that way.  We have made that drive about ~793 times over the past 20+ years and wanted to see something different this time...

Then she asked if we were headed to the  Cherrycreek Campground in Cape Charles?  A couple of days ago it was the site of a tornado that cause havoc and devastation and the deaths of two people.  It was an awful situation and cause for us to consider what we'd do in a bad storm with a fast moving water spout/tornado in a campground.   We told her we were headed to the DC area.  But she was as nice and as helpful as she could be.

The drive up the Eastern Shore was terrific.
There were good roads, a pleasant and sunny day and beautiful.  We didn't get into traffic until we got to Annapolis about 12:30 PM and then it was typical beltway stuff.

We arrived at Fort Meade and found our way over to the RV Campground.
We backed into our assigned space, put the jacks down, got leveled, set up the TV and got a good signal through the trees.  Meanwhile I was plugging the cord into the pedestal for 50 amp service and it didn't come on after a couple of minutes like it usually does.  Nuts!

We tried the 30 amp circuit and it worked fine but this is July and we could need both A/C units on and need the 50 amp.  I went to the front office about 3:30 PM on a Friday afternoon....you can guess where this is going....

The lady behind the counter said she'd put in an 'Emergency Work Order' and someone should be out in a short while.  I asked a few more questions like, "What if you go home at 4:00 PM and there is no one around?"  She thought someone would be out in a little bit to check things out.

She offered another site.  I thought it had a lot of trees but we went over and looked at it.  We really like our current spot. We decided to stay put and if we needed to, we would work around the 30 amp by turning off things if we had to.

Then in about 20 minutes a maintenance electrician showed up at our site.  Wow!  That was quick.  Not only that, but he did some troubleshooting and replaced the 50 amp circuit breaker switch and we were in business!
So despite the high cost of the toll road, we decided we would gladly pay it instead of driving up the I-95 corridor to DC.  And then we were surprised at how quickly we got our electrical problem fixed once we got to our campground.
It was a great start to our time in time in 'DC'.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. how wonderful that your problem was taken care of so quickly and efficiently. Hubs and I joke. . .if there's one spot in the park that needs a new breaker, we will choose that one. . .it's just a gift we have. . .LOL!

    Looking forward to your tales about getting around D.C.. .enjoy!

  2. $25 for the Golden Gate Bridge toll with no friendly attendants. Just cameras shooting license plates. By the time our mail is forwarded from TX, there are late charges and penalties! Here's to your good karma continuing!

  3. $25 for Golden Gate Bridge toll - wow - it is has been a while since we were there. It is an amazing drive across that bridge - every time!


  4. It sounds like a great start to a fun filled time.