Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Roadrunner Financials - June 2014

Roadrunner Recap
We began the month getting some work done at Red Bay, then we drove to Memphis to see the St. Jude PGA golf tournament.  Next, we spent time at our spot - Roadrunner RV Campground and Resort in Maynardville TN to see Mike and Joan.  Next we drove on to Charlettesville to see a couple of historical items - Appomattox NP and the presidential homes of Woodrow Wilson, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.  We ended up the month in Virginia Beach not far from Kelly and Jon's.

  • Camp Allegro - Red Bay, AL
  • AgriCenter RV Park - Memphis, TN
  • Roadrunner Campground and Resort (Joan and Mike's) - Maynardville, TN
  • Charlettesville KOA - Charlettesville, VA
  • Little Creek Campground (JEB Little Creek) - Virginia Beach, VA
Good News Areas We Are Under Budget

During June, we were under budget in many areas including:
  • Diesel gas
  • Internet use
  • Computer accessories
  • Cell phones
  • Groceries
  • Mail
  • Misc, and 
  • Household items
Because we were over $1200 above the budget after the end of the last 12 months, I adjusted the budget by increasing it $100.

On the other hand, we overspent again on:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Cell phones
  • Groceries, and
  • Household items.

(I have often said 'Budget' is a term I use very very loosely.  It in fact is more a record of spending...

Biggest Expenses
The biggest expenses this month were:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Miscellaneous
I bought a laser golf range finder and also bought a Canon camera which accounted for most of the overage and were among our biggest expenses.

Large One Time Cost Item
The largest one time cost this month we was our Mail Service.  We paid the entire yearly rate $178.08 all at once.  For the rest of the year, we only have to pay postage to get our mail forwarded to us.

Monthly Average

Since our 'fiscal year' begins in June, we don't have any comparisons or an average for the beginning of our sixth year of full timing.  Hopefully the expenses and spending will go down in the coming months though.

As always, if you think this spreadsheet might be useful I'd be glad to pass it along at no cost.  Just let me know.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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