Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Habitat for Kelly and Jon

We are glad to do some projects on Jon and Kelly's house.  They were ready for us and had a few lined up.  One thing we did the first few days we got there was weed a small portion of their back yard and transplant some cuttings we picked up from Joan and Mike's in Tennessee.
We will see how they do.

Another one was to shorten the end of the workbench in the garage that we built last year while we here.  The clothes drying  hanger rack now can accommodate dresses with out sitting on top of the bench.
When shirts and dresses hang there, it hides the TV.  But they only use the TV when they workout in the garage.  That one took about 30 minutes to do.

Then I needed to remove the second shelf on the bottom of the shoe rack/shelf we built last year.
That way boots can fit onto the shelf.  That was about a 10 minute deal.

Along the way Jon borrowed a high pressure wash and we did the house around all the windows and soffit and fascia.  It was a pretty easy job and really cleaned up the windows.

The soffit and fascia and gutters will have to be painted.  But there is some work to do before we can tackle that job.
While he was at it, he cleaned the shed with the vinyl siding.
Pam has been making shelves for the back closet.  She is putting them down each side and above the main coat rack and shelf.
Kelly wanted the washer and dryer raised up on a platform of sorts.  So we built a couple of 'boxes' with some wood they had left over from the deck.
We cut the platform to fit the width and depth of each ones, then put them in place to make sure they fit.  We used OSB board to cover the top of each 'box' so the when the washer and dryer were working their hardest, they would not slide off the platform.
Then we painted them and put them in place.

I think we are just getting started on our projects.  We have more to do, but we are enjoying it!

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Randy & Pam- Can I borrow you for a few days! Ha! (Only half kidding). I can't imagine how good it feels for Kelly & Jon to have so much knocked off their list.

  2. Great job. Isn't it funny how much we love to be needed?

  3. I really miss doing projects around the house like that. NOT!!!! :}

  4. You guys are so good. We would borrow you ANY time to do projects like this. We notice things to do around the house, step back and stare at them, and say to each other--"I wonder how you do that. Hmm." Way to go Warners! Kelly and Jon are lucky to have you.

    1. Get the list ready...Don't know when we'll be in Austin but we'd love to do that!

  5. You sure keep busy...That is Den's only fear of full-timing..keeping busy. I keep telling him that ANYONE could use a MacGyver around a campground...He knows how to do just about anything!

    1. I think you are right. There is always something that can be cleaned up, fixed up, straightened up. One time while staying at a campground we volunteered to work. They were shocked and did not know what to do...after a couple of days they came back to us and said 'insurance' would not allow them to have anyone but staff work on the campground. But they did offer us a chance to put address stickers on a stack of 800 mailers they were sending out to prospective campers for the season. We got to 'volunteer' for a few hours.