Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Roadrunner Review - Travel in July

July has been a busy travel month for us.  It takes a different mind set to pack up and move every 2-3 days.  And that is what we did.  13 times we packed up and moved.  That is not to say we didn't like it.  We did.  We enjoyed it and saw more people and places and things than we have in a while.

But, we need a vacation or some R and R time...

Currently we are in Boise, Idaho for a few days.  I will be catching up on my online work, we'll see the State Capitol here, and we are going to catch our breath.

Here's a recap of our travels:
Our itinerary:
  • A - La Valle, WI            (Tom and Cathy's)
  • B - Milwaukee, WI        (State Fairgrounds)
  • C - La Valle, WI            (Tom and Cathy's)
  • D - Moscow, IA             (HWH factory)
  • E - Des Moines, IA        (KOA overnight stop)
  • F - Sioux Falls, SD         (W.H. Lyon's Fairgrounds)
  • G - Omaha, NE              (Offutt AFB Base Lake Campground)
  • H - Lincoln, NE             (Camp-A-Way)
  • I - North Platte, NE       (Holiday RV Park)
  • J - Cheyenne, WY          (F.E. Warren AFB FamCamp)
  • K - Fort Bridger, WY     (Fort Bridger RV Park)
  • L - Salt Lake City, UT    (Hill AFB FamCamp)
  • M - Boise, ID                  (Gowen Field Campground)
Along the way we have had those memorable, fantastic moments.  And those sights and scenes that one hope's to remember for a long time.  In fact, seeing so much sometimes is hard to adequately process.  And way to much too blog about each day.  So I have plenty of pictures and material for later…

At the top of our highlight list is seeing friends:
- Tom and Cathy
- Steve and Therressa
- Rebecca and Gary
- Gary and Susan
and meeting many many new ones.

Some of the sights we saw and things we did:
  • Pontoon boat ride on Lake Redstone
  • 4th of July parade
  • Ringling Brother's Circus Museum
  • Devils Lake
  • Brewers MLB game
  • Milwaukee Museum of Art
  • Lake Michigan
  • HWH RV Jack Factory
  • Herbert Hoover Library, Museum and gravesite
  • 5 yr Driver's Licence Renewal
  • Nebraska State Capitol
  • North Platte Canteen
  • Bailey Railyard
  • Cheyenne Frontier Days
  • Rodeo Parade
  • Wyoming State Capitol
  • Fort Bridger Historic Site
  • Utah State Capitol
  • Mormon Tabernacle
  • Golden Spike Promontory Point Historic Site
We'll be here at the Gowen Field Campground getting caught up on things.  We have ordered mail and expect it today or tomorrow.  I started my 3 day RV cleaning and waxing task which I look forward to. Good exercise and it's fun to get the Roadrunner shining again. And I will be doing a few days of online work.  We get great internet reception here on my Verizon mifi.

So that's a look at our July - Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. wow. . .I'm tired just readin' about it. . .

    enjoy your down time. . .you deserve it after that journey. . .LOL!

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  2. You have had a whirlwind of a good time . Lots of sightseeing and visits with friends are such a great way to enjoy the fulltiming lifestyle.

    Relax a little and enjoy your next few days. We've been enjoying reading about your travels this summer.

  3. Once we did one our very first fiver, a Keystone Cougar. We went from Ill all the way to Calif and back. We only stayed 3 days at one place twice...Man, we sure did learn how to set up and tear down on THAT trip!!! That's the way you see the countryside, for sure!

  4. Happy to hear you're having fun and seeing lots of new things. But I'm sure you'll enjoy some downtime soon.

    Love reading your blog.