Friday, July 12, 2013

A Night at the Brewers Game

Every time we get the chance, we see a baseball game.  While in Milwaukee, we saw the Brewers play the NY Mets.  We decided to really get into it and do some tailgating.
We cooked some brats, sauerkraut and bean on the barbecue.

And we had plenty of veggies to munch on.
 The group shot didn't turn out so well, but we tried.
 It was fun to join in the celebration of a summer night at the baseball game.  A lot of folks brought their corn hole set up.
 Others did just what we did and had some food cooking.
 There were rows and rows of folks that got there early.
We expected to find a lot of empty seats and have a chance for some good ones but the stadium was almost full.  Even for the struggling Brewers.
Even though we were way up top, we had a good view of the game.  It is a lot more fun to be there if we get seats where we can track what is going on.   Last year in Boston at Fenway Park we got seats in right-center field and it was too far away to keep my head in the game.

Since then we have tried to get seats with a better view.  Also - it seems as if everyone has a gi-hugic screen with stats on the scoreboard.  That also makes it easier to follow the action.

It was a great night at the baseball game and we are glad we could attend!

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Even though we love baseball, we just can't bring ourselves to sit in the cheap seats of a big league game, nor pay the prices to get good seats.

    So instead, we love going to minor league games when we get the opportunity. Prices are reasonable, and there's usually not a bad seat in the house. And we find we enjoy the game just as much, even though the level of play is usually a small step or two down.

  2. And they have some great sausages in the park there too!