Sunday, July 14, 2013

On the Sioux Falls Bike Trail

It has been a long time since I have been out on a good long bike ride.  I miss that.  I am hesitant to go out on a route that is not well marked and/or does not have a separate trail.  Especially in a new place.  So I was especially glad to get back to Sioux Falls and on my bike again.

Sioux Falls has an excellent set of trails and routes around and through the city.
I had to air up my tires and check things out and install a Father's Day present:  A holder for my iPhone.
I also installed a locking bike cable just in case I found somewhere I wanted to securely tie up.

Then I picked up the trail near marker 12 and put in some miles.  Interesting shelter near the start
on the bike path with lots of picnic tables, a restroom and my first ever on a bike trail:
electronic sign with temperature and time!

The trail follows along the city canal.
It crosses the canal a few times on these type of bridges.
 I was out by the end of the airport and the Air National Guard.
 Fun to see some F-16's do some 'touch and goes'.

Over near the State Penitentiary
the canal merges with some other ones and flows at a pretty sharp decline over the spillway.
The trail crosses a bridge and has a pretty sharp decline down to the other bridge.
I rode to the bottom on some switchbacks to get some aerobic work in on the otherwise pretty flat course.  Going back up, the trail follows the split rail fence.
The complete circuit around to my starting location is about 24 miles.  At this point, I began to notice how long this ride was getting to be and turned back and retraced my path.
 It was a fairly windy day so it was a challenge at times.  I really enjoyed getting out there though and would love to come back and do a complete loop.  I will have to train for that one though.  It took my just under 2:30 do go a little over 18.5 miles.  I use the app:  M aymyride+ and it logged the course and details for me.
It was a nice day for it - thanks for joining me on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Sounds like fun to me. I love bike riding! I would have gone halfway, only to realize, oops, now I've gone too far because I'd either have to finish or backtrack, which would be the same in miles. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Randy you should have completed the loop, it's much more scenic on the section you didn't do. We did this loop several times while in Sioux Falls and loved it.

  3. I started out in that direction but the trail was closed/blocked off. They are doing some construction on the dike/canal and had it all torn up near the zoo. Would like to finish it next time we are there.

  4. Fun post. Used to do a lot of biking. Now we have a Harley and the bike hasn't been used in ages. You have inspired me...I'm dusting it off and oiling the gears!

  5. We have been back home on MD's Eastern Shore for almost two months now and looking over your recent postings is giving me cabin fever!!!!! We will head for Vermont in mid-Aug. and stay for the Fall color. Keep up the great blog!!!!!