Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh Canada! - Quebec City

First - I am way behind in my blogging.  Anyone of my readers ever have that issue?  We are now in Virginia Beach where we will be for about six weeks.  But I wanted to do a post on our time in Quebec City so here goes.

We drove from Presque Isle, Maine crossing the border into New Brunswick Canada at Fort Fairfield.  From there we headed north and then west into Quebec.
We stopped at the nearest rest stop/tourist information center for a stretch of the legs.
We traveled along the Saint Lawrence River and had moderately long driving day.
We arrived at our campground (Campground Transit) mid-afternoon.  It was a 243 mile day and we were tired.  We got set up and enjoyed an uneventful evening at a nice campground.

The next morning we drove into Levis and caught the ferry over to Quebec City.  Ferries are always interesting.
We were in the midst of regular 'commuter' folks and some tourists like ourselves.  The approach over to the city is pretty spectacular.
You can see the Citadel, Frontenac and some of the old city.

Once on the island we proceeded to the historic section of the city which was about a two blocks from the ferry.
 In the middle of the old section stands the Notre Dame des Vicotires church.
We had lunch at an outdoor cafe
And we walked around some more after lunch
Along the Promenade
To the Citadel
We came across some street performers before we went back to the ferry
It was pretty day for walking around the old city.

That is all for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Thanks for joining us.  Until next time...


  1. Saw your Quebec blog off of another blog that we follow. We were just there and camped at Transit and took the Levis ferry too. What an amazing view from the river.

  2. Nice to catch up with you, Randy! I am NEVER behind in my blogging anymore because I gave myself permission to blog only when I have time, am in the mood, have something I want to write about, and have the photos processed. reality...yes...I am almost always behind in my blogging!

  3. What a wonderful tour!! I would love to see it someday..thanks!

  4. I love that much architecture...enjoy

  5. You took some beautiful photographs. We'd love to visit this city someday soon. I'm behind in blogging too but I appreciate Sue's comments and advise.

  6. It's been way too long since I was last in Quebec city. That mural is awesome, and certainly wasn't there the last time I visited.
    Now if I could only remember when that was....

  7. We visited Quebec on a loop trip back in 1996 -- very fond memories; and we look forward to going back to explore it in more depth.

  8. Glad that you enjoyed Quebec City. We think it is a beautiful city too. We actually stayed overnight at one of the car parks in Levis, right by the river and like you took the ferry over. We had Whiskey with us at the time and she was welcome on the ferry too. The murals on a lot of the walls are wonderful as well as small streets, definitely some history there.

    Kevin and Ruth