Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two Days to Fort Worth

We left Maynardville a little before 8:00. It was a great visit with family. It was one of the longer stays we have had with relatives but worked out well.

Almost from the start we had issues with the jack. The Passenger Side (PS) rear jack would not retract all the way. We drove five miles down the road and pulled into the Union Count High School parking lot to take another look. It was out about an inch.

We left it that way and drove West on I-40 to near Harriman TN about 35 minutes away. We were going to meet Gary and Vicki. They are at Caney Creek RV resort. Many months ago I found their blog and have been following them. Access to the park is a little tough unless you are staying there so we unhooked at the nearby Kroger/Lowe's parking lot.While there, Kelly saw where the jack was getting hung up. I wedged it slightly and it retracted all the way. Problem solved (for now)!

Our visit with Gary and Vicki was great. Gary is one of the camphosts there and Linda is working done at the boat dock. While Linda was in a meeting, Gary showed us around this great facility. It had nice concrete pads, full hookups, outdoor swimming pool overlooking the lake, and a covered meeting area with huge fire place.Gary also showed me some of the neat additions he has made with his sewer hose storage, Jake Brake and Pressure Pro Tire Monitoring System. All look very well done and quite handy.After Vicki's meeting we went to a nearby place for lunch: Bob's Burger. Food was good and and prices were reasonable. We had a lot of questions and spent a while getting to know Gary and Vicki. Nice friendly people. Very generous to spend some time with us.

Next it was off to Forrest City, AR. We drove 400+ miles and spent our first night in a Walmart parking lot. We pulled off to the side and lined up the Roadrunner about 50 yards away from a Mandalay class A. By morning there was a mix of tractor trailers and RVs-- seven of us spending the night.

Yesterday we drove all day and got to our present location: US Army Corps of Engineers campground at Benbrook Lake. The area is quiet beautiful. The lake is full and the weather is hot. Over 100 degrees yesterday. This morning it is a balmy 79.

We tried two other sites before we ended up here. The PS rear jack did not want to extend to we moved to a flat site where we don't need them. Today's agenda includes contacting Tiffin to get advice on the jack, maybe taking it in for repair, doing 2-3 hours of telework and a tee time at 1:00 with my brother.

We will see how it goes.

Thanks for stopping by and reading another edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles. Until next time, be safe and be nice to someone today.

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  1. How long are you guys going to be in Fort Worth? We aren't far from where you are staying. We would love to get to finally meet you and Pam. You have my email.

    Enjoy your visit with Brad and family.