Friday, June 12, 2009

Roadrunner Review - some ideas to share

We have been on the road for two weeks now. We are settling into our new lifestyle and learning lots. I wanted to share five items you may find useful or interesting.

Overnight bag:We packed for the trip to Virginia Beach to pick up the Allegro Bus and I saw a bag at Home Depot that looked like it would work well as an overnight bag. It has large straps and is a good size for carrying clothes, a shaving kit, some shoes and a towel. Instead of a $20 namebrand bag, I find the $1 version as useful and more vesatile. I use it daily to go to the campground showers.

Soap dish:
Our seller conveyed the shower soap dish. It has a suction grip which folds down and adheres to the shower wall. It is handy at the campground when their is no place to put the soap. I think you can get it for a few bucks at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Rain boots:
Kelly has seen us wash the car in the driveway many times over the years and thought we'd need to have these to wash the RV. We have yet to wash the RV but have been caught in two weeks of heavy rain showers. We use them all the time to walk back and forth through the wet grass from the showers to the Roadrunner. No more wets shoes. Nice.

ShamWoW chamois:
I wish we didn't need this but we have a mysterious leak in the Driver Side slide out near the window. Twice we have left the window open during the rain and have had to soak up the floor. Last night the window was closed but the water seeped in anyway. Yikes! We have to solve this one. Meanwhile, the ShamWow (from WallMart) soaks up the water better than towels.

Hub tool:
While we were at Lake Fairfax Park campground last week I met Frank who invented the Hub Tool. He said he has had three blown tires over the years and mechanics had mangled the hub cap on his Freightliner chassis each time. While repairing his trimmer, he saw a plastic wrench and got the idea to create one for his motorhome hub caps. I was fascinated with his story and told him I'd but it on my blog.

To Order: send check or money order for $1250 (includes shipping) to Frank Cason, 1917 Stone Dam Rd, Chuckey, TN 37641 or email him at

That about wraps it up with another edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles. (If you get the chance, I love to hear about neat tips or items that make your life easier on the road.) Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. Until next time be safe!


  1. Great tips! Thanks, we'll take anything we can get to be prepared.

  2. Hey Randy it was good to meet you today at the SKP Park. Come back and visit anytime.
    Living in an RV has been really good to us for the past 2 years.
    I hope you enjoy it half as much as we do.