Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cricket Wars 2

Last night we returned to the Roadrunner and got ready for bed. The pesky cricket was back! I launched into my next plan of attack: Lemon scented Hot Shot. This is serious-- the previous night I was awake more than I care to recount...listening to a chirping cricket.

My first attempt to ignore it didn't work out very well. The second time I woke up listening to him I realized I had only been asleep about 20 minutes. I was hoping for a quick end to it...but it was not to be.

I even convinced myself he was outside and that he would just wonder off maybe. But he persisted so I dragged myself out of bed, but on some shoes, grabbed the broom and went out side. It was about 11ish and I wanted to put an end to him.

I did some damage to the high grass outside near the back of the coach and returned to bed. I finally fell asleep reluctantly listening to the Cricket Serenade. The air conditioning would not even drowned it out.

I awoke a couple more times and about 3:25 I was least I am not hearing the danged crick.... man! there he is again. This is aggravating and I am exhausted. I nodded off and that was the end of the first night.

Last night I was in no mood for a repeat performance. I found the lemon scented Hot Shot and lifted the bed mattress and squirted every corner and crevice I could find. Things were good for a couple of hours. Yikes! This guy is wearing me out!!

Pam woke up and I changed sides of the bed with her since that was the latest direction of the aggravation. While she went to the bathroom I unloaded another arsenal of lemon scented poison. Take that! and that! and that!

The good news was that I slept the rest of the night and did not hear him when I got up. Could this be it? Time will tell. But it was a great way to start out Father's Day.

Hope you had a great day and hope you have a good week. We'll be in the Fort Worth area until Thursday and then will be heading to Oklahoma City for a couple of days.

Thanks for checking in on this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.


  1. Poor little cricket- he was singing a lullaby for you! Geez.

  2. With that much poison in your bedroom it is a wonder you woke up...HE HE ...Sorry we missed you guys. We have been on the move for the last 4 weeks. We still have doctor appointments and I am still working on getting the electric out at the Barn. When we get all that done we should have more time to go where we want to.