Monday, June 19, 2017

Troubleshooting the Door

The Roadrunner must be getting a sense that it is heading to Red Bay soon.  A couple of things stops working.  First, we went to dump the tanks and get more water and when we returned from the dump station, our DS slideout would not extend.  It only went out about a foot.  Yikes!

We looked for a sheared off bolt, mulled it over and thought about it and decided the best thing to do was to get it back in and get it fixed at Red Bay.  Pam pressed the button while I pushed the slide from the outside and it came back in snugly.  Whew!

I don't know how to manually reel in the slides, but I know that it can be done.  Glad I didn't have to learn that one...

One thing we did know (from previous experience) is that if the slide isn't operating correctly as in this case, we want to secure it with wood blocks.  To do that, we had to measure the distance from the from of the inside wall at the top -- to the backside lip of the slide out.
Once secured in place by just wedging it in there, the slide out can not move out.  We'll wait to get to Red Bay next week to get that one fixed.  I am guessing its a motor but we'll see.

Another day the keyless door entry quit working.  We punched in the numbers and everything seemed to open and close OK on the bay doors but the front door did not work.  We used an extra key and locked and unlocked the door for a few days.

Then Pam cleaned the contact points on the inside frame of the door.  That did not help.  A day later, we thought it might be a fuse.  The fuse for the keyless entry is inside of the bottom front bay, behind the wall.

I removed the faceplate / wall and found the fuses.  There were two and we inspected both and they looked good.
Then we removed the contact point on the inside frame of the door and found a dangling wire.
That was our culprit.  Pam keeps extra pieces in our bin trays in bay two aka 'the garage'.
After putting on two clean connectors, the contacts were good and we tested it.  Yay!  It worked.  I can always tell when Pam gets excited-- she clinched both fists and said, "We did it!".  And gave me a high five.

Besides troubleshooting the door and the slide out, I think we are good to go.  We've ordered the carpet from Lowe's and it should be there next week.  Hopefully all will go well.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. You two make a good RV team. Very lucky finding the broken wire and then being able to fix it was great. New carpet wow how time flies. You guys do take good care of your home on wheels.

    1. Thanks Tom, we're trying to keep up with things. Don't think another one is an option unless we downsize at some point...

  2. Randy who is replacing the carpet in RB?

  3. Always good to have some skills. I've got to replace the circuit breaker to my W/D when I next remove power, and I just noticed I've got lower voltage on one set of plugs; above 110 but about 10 volts lower than on the other side of the rig.

  4. I replaced our tile but we still haven't found the carpet we want to replcae our carpet... good luck in Red Bay...

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