Friday, June 2, 2017

Financials for our 8th Year on the Road

This is about our monthly expenses for our 8th Year on the road.
This is what they look like with a screen shot:

I realize that this is basically unworkable so I am trying something new this month which is using Google Sheets to show our end of month summaries.

If you'd like to access my spreadsheet online try this link:
The sea of red is where we were over budget.  Yikes!

In many categories, we were over our target budget and we ended up averaging over $641.55 over our monthly budget of $4100.  But in some areas we made out pretty well.

- Both our RV insurance and our car insurance rates increased in March.

- We averaged over in the gas but under in the diesel fuel.

- Since we stayed in Virginia Beach for over six months it was good news and bad news.  We ended up going over budget in the groceries and eating out, but we saved in a lot of other areas.

- We saved a lot this year by staying in military campgrounds.  Especially the last six months when we stayed in Virginia Beach.  Local campgrounds are upwards of $50/night in high season.  We have paid less than $20/night.

RV and Car Maintenance:
- The last two years have been especially hard on the budget with maintenance and upgrades on the Roadrunner.
- And the car has have a lot of maintenance bills we did not expect over the last two years.

- We were $116 over budget on the groceries but pretty close on the eating out portion of our

- We were under budget for the year and we spent an daily average of $21.95/night.

- DirecTV charges for the year were $85.74 which was under budget.  You have to be careful with these folks.  I don't know how many times I see the costs spike and then I call them, ask for discounts etc.

- This is our 'catchall' for other purchases and includes golf, entertainment, clothes, gifts, etc.  We averaged $368/month.

Cell/Internet Access:
- A couple of years ago we were paying an average of $350/month.  We had our phones with AT&T and our internet Jet pack access with Verizon.  We were hoping to save some money and did.  Now we pay an average of $236/month by having Verizon as a single carrier.

Medical bills:
- With my eye surgery last summer, followup cataract surgery, dental root canal and a crowns, we've been over budget.
- Overbudget, but I realize how fortunate we are to have Tricare health coverage.  It saves us a bundle.

Here's a quick summary of the two high cost areas for us this last year:

  Actual Budget  
Rv and Car Mx $12,184.79    5,700.00 -6,484.79
Medical  $4,307.80 140.00 -4,167.80

Those two items themselves (RV and Car Mx, and Medical accounted for over $11,000 of our expensive year.

That's a recap of Year 8 Expenses.  Thanks for checking in today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Randy I like the use of the Google Sheets. The link makes it much easier to view fine details, like a budget spreadsheet.
    Thanks for sharing again.

  2. Wow... the things we could do with $4,100 USD a month!

  3. Just about done with my 6 year summary and should post it soon... but yes campground costs are soaring since we started