Thursday, June 29, 2017

Great Museum in Red Bay

We were determined to final go to the Red Bay Museum.  9 years coming to Red Bay and this was our first visit.
It was great!

The first thing we noticed was the check-in counter/desk and the Red Bay Hotel sign.  We happened to be staying at the hotel for one night while the Roadrunner was getting painted at Bruce Deaton's Custom Body and Paint shop.

I asked if the hotel had made attempts to get the sign and desk to use when it opened a few months ago.  Matter of fact, apparently they tried and were not successful in getting the originals so they are using replicas.  The hotel is across the street from the museum.
This drug store was in operation for a long time and was where the Mason Jar on the Main restaurant is now located.
The first floor has displays of stores showing general merchandise and dry goods.
A number of important town leaders and artifacts of their businesses are on display.
I love the old photographs.  It shows a different look from today.  The trees back then had been harvested by the logging industry.
Logging and cotton used to be large industries in Red Bay. Now both are gone.  The Tiffin motorhome factory operates on property that was once a cotton gin.

The old Methodist Church on 4th St has some items on display.

They had a military section which had a number of military uniforms.

A typical kitchen from days gone by.
There is probably no better display of Red Bay letterman's sweaters  anywhere.  Anyone still have there's?  I think I had a lettterman's sweater from Junior High School in the 1960's.
Upstairs, most of the floor has a quite extensive display of Tammy Wynette.  She is from nearby Tremont, MS and is said to have said her home town was in Red Bay.  She shopped and spent time here.

Like many famous entertainers, Tammy met with Presidents.  Here she is with President and Mrs. Ford.
High school pictures are always interesting too.  Who would have thought she would become the international superstar from this photo.
Like a thousand other places in our adventures, 'we'll have to come back and see this again'.  It is a real skill to be able to see museums and historical sights (and sites) and to be able to digest it all.  But it sure is fun and interesting to learn about some of what happened years ago.  And we will have to come back again to the Red Bay Museum.  It was a nice start but we have a lot more to learn there.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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