Saturday, June 6, 2015

Monument Valley

After a few days in beautiful Cortez, Colorado we headed south and west toward Monument Valley, Utah.  We were headed for one of those "we-are-so-close-we-have-to-stop" places and spent a few minutes at Four Corners where the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah touch.

 It reminded me a little bit of Key West "the Most Southern Point of the Continental U.S." where people wait in line to have their picture take "at the spot".
About an hour down the road we arrived at our campground and got all set up.  We looked at the weather and it was supposed to rain the next day.  We had booked a 3 1/2 hour tour through the valley but had plenty of time and changed the tour to later that afternoon.  We left at 3:30 PM from the campground and it worked out great.
We picked up some folks at the Goulding Lodge and then went over to a hogan where our driver and guide, Don, gave some history of the Navajo traditions.
He also introduced Lucy who gave a demonstration (with one of our fellow tourists) on the ladies hair bun.  After she gave a demo on spinning wool and explained the loom where she makes blankets and rugs, she offered to sit for pictures and Pam took her up on it.
Next we headed into the valley and it was the "Wow" factor at every turn.  These mountains in the distance all have names: El Capitan, Eagle Rock, the Setting Hen, Brigham's tomb, Left Mitten, Right Mitten, etc
There is no way we could keep them all straight we were just started out on the tour...

This is the road where John Wayne was in "Stagecoach" - the movie that launched his career.
We stopped along the way and our guide indicated the hill was a good vantage point to see up the valley.  
I thought is was ironic that a 'No Hiking' sign was posted nearby...

Good shot of "Left Mitten" and "Right Mitten".
 Totem Pole on the left in the distance.
 About an hour into it, we stopped near John Ford's Point where a local Indian is on his horse and getting ready to let a girl from Belgium (who was with us), sit on the horse for a unique photo.
While she was doing that we had some authentic frybread.  It was tasty and reminded me of soapapillas.

We were not the only open wagon tour mobile on the property and we all got quite dusty.  It was part of the experience and not a lot we could do about it.  Good thing it wasn't blowing hard or raining.  That would have been tough...

We went along and rounded Rain God Mesa and Thunderbird Mesa
 Moccasin Arch
 North Window
 As you can imagine I took hundreds of photos during our tour and only have a few here.  It was worth the time and effort to book the tour and one of those memories we will enjoy for a long time.

This whole area defies description.

Have you been?  What word would you use?
Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. And here is an article indicating that although the Four Corners Monument is at the Four Corners, this spot is not where the Congress intended it to be.

  2. Great pics and post. We are looking forward to making it to the area during our travels.