Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's There to See?

There is always something to see, no matter where we are.  We went for a drive on Sunday morning while still at Kiptopeke State Park and drove a few miles north on Highway 13 to Cape Charles.

Cape Charles is a town with a lot of history and charm and it was a nice day to drive around.
We had took a quick drive around town and decided to go see the marina.  Lots of different boats were there and we strolled along the docks to get a closer look.
One immediately notices the pedestals that provide shore electrical power to the boats.  They are the same kind we find at many RV campgrounds for 50 and 30 amp service.  Another thing you see are number of Garmin units on the boats.

It was fun to walk on the different docks and see all the kinds of boats.  Since we are not seamen, we find it curious and interesting how these people operate these things.  And like RVs, there are a lot different kinds and models.
And many different ways to enjoy the water and boat life.

Over by the boathouse and community building, there were showers  and restroom facilities.  We came upon a morning pot luck and asked what was going on.

The Seaford Yacht Club was having a brunch and what looked a lot like a little RV rally.  
Except it is for the yacht club.  The group of probably 15 boats were all in port for the Labor Day Weekend and were enjoying the beautiful day.

Next, we drove over to the upscale housing development - Bay Creek - with two championship courses.  Apparently this was the first place in the U.S. where a development has both an Arnold Palmer and a Jack Nicklaus Championship Course.  It also has a large and private beach with lots of empty lots.

Then we drove over to Cape Charles about 2 miles away and wandered among the shops and galleries.


  1. We agree, there is always sometime to see no matter where you are. Sometimes you just have to go out there and find it, instead of it being right there before your eyes.

    I think boating would be kind of cool for a little while but I think I would get bored of it quickly especially if you didn't go ashore very often.


  2. We try to get out and see whatever there is that the town is known for...Sometimes it's not much, but it's important to them!

  3. I've spent a lot of time at sea and after a few minutes, the scenery gets really old. Give me an RV and an open road any day. :c)