Wednesday, September 10, 2014

In Place at Little Creek...

We have been here at Little Creek MWR Campground for over a week now.  So far so good -- we are again about 3 blocks away from Kelly and Jon's place so that makes for easy access.

We got here in time to enjoy a visit from Jon's parent's who drove up from Augusta, GA for a few days.
 It's always good to spend time with them and we got a photo of our time at Logan's Roadhouse.

As it happened, our friends from New Holland, PA (Mike and Sue) had made reservations months ago for a little R&R in Virginia Beach so we got to meet them for lunch last week too!
Even though we just saw them a couple of weeks ago, we had plenty of things to talk about and had a another great time together.  We had lunch at Tortuga's on the Oceanfront which was about 100 yards from their hotel room.  It was quite nice and we had a long and leisurely lunch.  And we decided to continue next door for a while.  We made it inside before the rains came and finished up our drinks.  It was fun to place the tourist again and act as if we had all afternoon....

Meanwhile, over the last week or so, I have been getting my work done online and had to go where the internet is good.  For some reason, when we arrived the day after Labor Day, I could log on and use our Mifi on base.  But then things changed and I had to split my time between the Starbucks on base and Kelly and Jon's to connect online.

Just a theory, but I think the military base electro magnetic atmosphere is highly charged and doesn't like extraneous internet connections like those coming from vehicles like RV's.  So, we find a different way to connect and get our things done.

We've had fun watching daughter Kelly with her creative DIY mind going.  She was asked to decorate a stage and wanted some simple lights to place about and we went over to Home Depot and picked up the parts that all came together.

Jon made the stands and routered them and Kelly wrote about it here in her blog:  House of Gold VB.

We've been doing a little work on the house.  Today Pam did some wash and is putting another coat of stain on a toy chest.  We also took time out to make some campground reservations in October and November.
We keep our plans on our master calendar which looks a lot like the calendar we used to keep on the side of the refrigerator in our home.  We will be staying in the Murfreesboro at Cedars of Lebanon State Park.  We did some research, picked a site and then found out we qualify for a 'Senior Discount' of 50%.  Yaaaay!  That day will have finally come in mid-November.  We are also looking forward to the Senior Pass / America the Beautiful National Parks.

I also did some more work online and then installed a front-door viewer.
With a little care and a 9/16 " drill bit, there was nothing to it!

That's all for now on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Thanks for joining us!


  1. Family, friends and work?? - I like the first two much better. lol We love our America the Beautiful pass. It has saved us so much money.

  2. Hubs has one more year to qualify. . .I keep tellin' him. . .hurry up already. ..would'ja! LOL. . .