Tuesday, September 23, 2014

House Work etc

We worked on Kelly and Jon's house for the last few weeks and it has been fun.  We have chosen some smaller projects that we can get done in a few days.  We tackled a number of things and here are some photos of our progress:

We began with the garage and wood around the door.  On each side of the door there was about a two foot section that was a separate piece down the side.
It was rotted at the bottom so I cut it off, removed it and replaced it with a painted piece.  Then the I painted the whole garage door frame and trim.

Next, we worked on the front porch and painted the inside ceiling, the trim, posts and the soffit and the fascia board.
Next, I painted the fascia and soffit on the front of the house and managed to forget to take a single picture...  

And we got started on the back of the house near back deck. We had to fill in a number of carpenter bees holes.  First we sprayed each hole, then emptied some spray foam into the holes and let them dry.
And Pam caulked the joints and areas that needed it before she painted.
It rained a couple of days so we put the painting on hold.  

I tackled a doggie door insulation that went pretty easily.  
The it took about 10 dog biscuits to lure them through the door and get used to the idea of easy access to the back yard.
Then I got back to it and finished the fascia and soffit along the back side of the house.
While I was finishing up on the back side of the house, Pam was inside at the Master Bathroom shower replacing some tiles.
We got an attachment to our oscillating tool at Home Depot that cleaned out the grout, then she chipped away to make a clean and smooth surface again before she put down new mastic, replaced the tiles, then filled it with new matching grout.
So now the bedroom shower is in good shape again.  We finished up our projects there with one last one.

A shampoo/cleaning of the upholstery on an accent chair that was we were taking to Adam and Melissa.
Kelly and Jon got a chair for a great price but the couldn't make it work in their place so we took it up to Adam to see if he wanted it.  First though, we used an upholstery cleaning vacuum that was really good.  It took a shampoo solution along with hot water and we went over the whole thing a couple of times.  A little while later, and we had almost a new chair!

Theres a quick recap on how we spent some of our time the last couple of weeks.  It worked out well--they had some things for us to do and we love working on the house.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Great job. Looks like a pretty busy project.

  2. And here I was under the impression you were goofing off somewhere... ;c)

  3. Dennis wouldn't turn me loose any where near tiles...

  4. You two did a great job on all those "little" projects. Kelly and Jon must love when you come to visit. I bet as soon as you leave they will start up another job list for you two to work on when you return back for a visit. ;-)


  5. Wish I knew someone like you guys, visit and fix all that is broken.
    Great job you guys did there. I must learn tile and grout someday, it scares me now.