Friday, August 3, 2012

Roadrunner Financials - July 2012

Roadrunner Recap
 This was a pretty fantastic month!  We spent the Fourth of July in Bar Harbor ME watching the parade and then going over to the fairgrounds for the lobster races.

Our specific stops along the way:
  • Hadleys Point Campground, Bar Harbor ME
  • Pumpkin Patch RV Resort, Herman ME
  • Camping la Cle des Champs, Saint-Philippe, Quebec CA
  • Camping Alouette, Montreal Quebec
  • Lacawanna State Park, Dalton, PA
  • Iroquois Campground, Rome NY
  • Sea Mist Military RV Campground, Virginia Beach VA
Here's an interactive map of where we camped during the month. Click on the letters (waypoints) to see locations:

Or if you prefer, a static map of travels during the month:

Good News Areas We Are Under Budget
Here's a snapshot of our spending for the month:

We 'saved' a lot of money this money on 'Campgrounds', purchase of 'Household Items', and '1 Time Costs'.

Biggest Expenses
Had a second visit to Portsmouth to repair a leak cause by support that was wearing through the casing.
We also spent a lot on Diesel fuel since we put in a lot of miles on the road.

Large One Time Cost Item
$708 on the RV repair.

Monthly Average

Even with a big repair bill once we got back to Virginia Beach, we were able to stay well below our target monthly spending.  We were glad about that!  
I have often said this is more of a tracking tool and an estimate than a budget -- this month's spending proves it.  That's what our spending looked like for the month.  Thanks for taking a peek.  Hopefully they provide help or entertainment of some sort...  If you'd like a free copy of the spreadsheet I use, drop me a note and I will be glad to send it along.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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