Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time in DC

We recently spent some time in Washington DC seeing our son Adam.  I was working online for the first week but we managed to get together and go out to eat and see some sights.

This is Mother's Day when we got together for lunch in Alexandria with Kelly and Jon, Melissa and Adam.

Later we got tickets to the Evening Parade as the USMC Marine Barracks downtown at 8th and I.
We have seen this excellent concert/performance four or five times since 1993.  It is always a marvel to see these young men and women from the USMC Marine Band (The President's Own) and the USMC Drum and Bugle Corps perform.  In addition, Marines perform a precision 'silent drill' and marching sequence that is quite something.

We love baseball and got some tickets to see the Nationals play at their gorgeous new downtown stadium.
We arrived early, had excellent seats and watched the Nats play the Mets.  It's been a while since DC had a contender but they are near the top in the National League East.

We stayed the Andrews AFB FamCamp in Maryland.  I got to play golf a couple of times on Saturday morning and that was fun.  We also had a chance to host some old friends at the campground.
Pam, Jayne, John, Mike, Sue, Dene
We have known these folks since we moved here in 1992.  As a full-timer, folks are always having us over when we come visit, so it was nice to finally cook for them!

The FamCamp is very convenient to downtown Washington and the price for a night's stay is $16.00.  We usually check out three places when we look for a place to stay:
  1. Woodalls
  2. RV Parks Review and for potential military campgrounds, we check out
  3. U.S. Military Campgrounds
We have found over the last couple of years that we have stayed at a lot of military campgrounds.  They usually are adequate and prices usually range from $15 - $22 / night.  We like that.

A feature on the US Military Campgrounds web site is a customer evaluation link where we can rate the campground. I filled out the Interactive Customer Evaluation for the Outdoor Recreation/FamCamp and was not complimentary about the care of the campground.  I thought some aspects of the campground could be improved and listed them.  To my surprise, the Director of Outdoor Recreation asked if we could meet.  Ali and the Lt Col who run Morale, Welfare and Recreation sat with us for an hour and I went through my list.  I had 7 items in 'Good Things' and 7 items in 'Things that could be improved'.  I was very impressed they took my comments and concerns, were not defensive, and even said we were the first people in her four years she has been Director, that have take the time to offer constructive ideas.  So, if you get the chance, I'd recommend you provide an evaluation -- you never know, you may find a receptive ear!

That's all for now and for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Next -- our journey to the Northeast and Maine!

Thanks for joining us!  Until next time...


  1. Wish we could stay at that Fam Camp when we get out that way. We stayed at Cherry Hill Campground and since it's so expensive, we only stayed a few nights. I've just added the Evening Parade to my list. In all the years I lived out there,we never went to it. So many things to see and do. I'm impressed that they took the time to meet with you and discuss your suggestions. That's almost unheard of in this day and age.

  2. Glad somebody was willing to listen...I do after every campground stay. Hope management reads those things! At least we know RVers do!

  3. I always check park reviews ....I find the cg websites show the 'nice' side of things...

  4. Thanks for the info on Andrews CG. We've passed it many times and decided to move on because it is so hard to get on the base.

    Now we'll make the time, it seems worth the effort.

  5. Those military campgrounds you stay at always look very well that should be!!..and Thanks for serving!