Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Independence Day Weekend

It rained all day Saturday but we found plenty to do. In the morning we went to Walmart for a few things and I got a new dog leash for Ed. He likes it better and so do I. It is the retractable kind.

Next we went down to the local laundromat. Pam did the wash while I stayed outside with Ed. Then we picked up a Red Box movie and some corn at the grocery store next door. Basically it was a very lazy afternoon in the Roadrunner while it rained.

Later I got going and gave myself a haircut.
In the evening, we joined up with John & Kitty and Judy and went to the Pontiac Baptist Church for a free concert. Karen Peck, her sister Susan and Devin McGlamery make up 'Karen Peck & New River' (KPNR).
I got to meet Karen's husband (Rickey) and we had a couple of celebrity photo shots with the rest of the group. KPNR travels 200 days a year in the MCI bus show below.
Sunday, all the NOMADS went to the 8:15 Pontiac United Methodist Church service. Afterwards we moved on to brunch at the Pontiac Family Kitchen Restaurant.
In the afternoon, back at the Livingston County 4H Campground we had honey bucket duties. Joe showed me the finer points of draining the black and gray tanks into a 'blue boy' tote tank. After he emptied his RV tanks, he helped me empty the Roadrunner tanks.
Next it was another lazy afternoon watching LPGA golf. Since Saturday's fireworks were rained out, the NOMADS team and some other campers gathered Sunday night at the edge campground and watched the Pontiac Elks Club shoot off fireworks.
It was a nice way to end another Roadrunner weekend before we headed back to our NOMAD project on Monday morning. Thanks for checking in.

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  1. I understand the boots. I understand the haircut. I DON'T understand them together... but it's funny.
    Noah says "hello!"