Monday, July 13, 2009

Last Days at Evenglow & Upcoming Schedule

Like most, the NOMAD team found Monday morning arriving too soon! We enjoy the work and are looking forward to some time off. Evenglow Lodge is associated with Evenglow Inn/Evenglow Village. We headed out there on Monday morning for some more painting.
After we finish our NOMADS project Thursday we will be heading north to see Adam in Port Huron, MI. He may travel with us for a few days to check out the coach. We will also get a chance to see Meghan and her parents in nearby Petrolia, Canada. Then we anticipate the following schedule:

  • Detroit area, to see Rod & Lisa Hamilton and Jon & Barbara Brown
  • Hartlan MI, to see Aunt Carol
  • Makinaw Island, MI
  • Talon Lake, Canada to see Jeff & Tiffany
  • Saute Sainte Marie, MI
  • Sioux Falls, SD to see Steve & Theressa
  • Omaha, NE to see Mark & Alisanne
  • Greenburg, KS to work on a Volunteers in Mission project with Kirk & Susan
  • Albquerque to see Reid & Amy
  • Santa Fe to work on a Habitat for Humanity project
  • Kerrville TX for the RV-Dreams Rally
  • Austin to see Terry & Joanne
  • Livingston TX for the Escapees Boot Camp
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Red Bay, AL for warranty work on the Roadrunner
  • Tuscon, AZ to see Marty & Elena

We will be packing up on Thursday evening for an early Friday morning departure and more Chronicles from the Roadrunner. Thanks for stopping by.

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