Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Day at Evenglow

We were told that the name Evenglow comes from the thought: 'In the even of their lives we want to provide a quality of life to residents that enables to glow'. So named is Evenglow Lodge where nine of us NOMADS are working. Our first work week ended yesterday.

Here's how the day went: I got up early (5:00 ish) and finished up a blog entry, then checked emails. Pam got up about 6:30 and fixed some oatmeal for us. Then I walked Ed. (Ed has adapted well to this lifestyle and seems to enjoy it.) We left the campground about 7:40 and were at Evenglow Lodge by 7:50.

We meet each day in the basement for devotions, singing and prayer. Joe led yesterday and four of us are taking turns. He brought some good thoughts out of Psalm 133 and 134 and talked about 'choices'--we can chose to view things and handle situations in a better way.

We moved from there to the task of the day: painting the boiler room in the basement. It was a big job. We had to be flexible and creative to get the ladders up and around/under pipes. At 10:00 we took our break and had some donuts and coffee. We have such a great crew we finished the whole thing before lunch time.

We get our trays and go through the cafeteria line on the second floor after the residents eat. Yesterday the menu included roast beef or turkey Reuben sandwiches. The food here is excellent. In fact the whole operation here is impressive.

After lunch Marilyn, the head of marketing, gave us the history of Evenglow. The thought started in 1957 and it was built in 1963. We got a tour of the whole facility.
They have four areas: condos on the 7th (top floor); the Lodge which is floors 2-6; the Healthcare Center for those needing more care; and the Inn- which is a separate building and first class Alzheimer's facility on the edge of town.They have 9 condos, 62 residents in the Lodge, 73 in the Health Care facility and 26 residents in the Inn. It was a very interesting tour and very informative. They really believe in making things good for the residents and it shows. They have about 160 staff.

The tour took us through the afternoon break time so we skipped it and finished up painting stairs and doors near the boilerroom.

About 4:00 we headed back to the Pontiac 4-H Park campground, took showers and met everyone for dinner at 'La Mex'. It was our first time for a dinner out since we have been here. It was very good food and a nice hometown restaurant. After dinner, we came back to the campground, pulled up some chairs outside of Joe and Frances' RV and talked until it got dark.
We have a very good group that is interesting and fun. They share their experiences and answer our questions. Everybody pulls their weight on the job, does their fair share of work and we get along great. They say most NOMADS projects are like this. If so, this is going to be great.

And so ends our first week of work on a NOMADS project.

We are looking forward to 3 days off and enjoying the 4th of July celebration here in Pontiac. This morning Pam and I and Judy are driving to Springfield which is 2 hours away. We are going to see the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and the cemetery. Tonight we are going to a concert downtown on the courthouse steps.

Should be a fun day with plenty to write about in the next edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles. Until then, take care and happy 4th of July!


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself and what a rewarding experience. Thanks for the hint from Psalms. We all need to reminded about choices and decisions and balance in our lifes.

    Have fun and see you down the road.


  2. I rode my bike through Springfield on the cross country bike tour. Thanks for the blog. Enjoy checking on you and Pam. Runs continue at the lake and we are now tailgating after the run instead of Silver Diner. Suspect this will continue until weather gets challenging. Keep up the good work. Gil