Saturday, November 22, 2008

Turkey Dinner Boxes

It's that time of the year again!
Thanksgiving, Christmas and the holiday season. They put out a call at church to help with the Thanksgiving Day turkey effort. Volunteers were needed to unload trucks, box up turkeys and trimmings and reload trucks. So we decided to help.
We arrived for the 6:00 AM shift. It was still pitch dark and about 29 degrees. Brrrr
The seven 18-wheelers were pulled up along the parking garage of the church. Pallets of food in the trucks had to be moved to where the boxes were being loaded. They had three long lines of tables to fill boxes of food. The food was piled into parking places that were marked on the garage floor.One new skill we learned was using the big tape dispenser. It only took a couple hundred boxes to tape up to get the hang of it.

The sun finally showed up. It warmed up and we had about 300 more volunteers show up to pack the boxes. It was a fun time and we felt as if we may have helped someone have a good Thanksgiving. So it was a great day.

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