Monday, November 10, 2008

Into Biking

Biking with is great! Over the years we have had a couple of different types of bikes. When we were in Albuquerque 15 years ago, Pam and I decided to get mountain bikes. About five years ago I got a road bike which I ride the most now.
This past summer Kelly and I took a ride on the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) trail which I read is one of the most used in the U.S. We had a nice Saturday morning ride making our way through Vienna and down into Mclean. I have had quite a few outings on the W&OD.

A couple of months ago my neighbor Gil and I did a 33 miler (which is modest by real bikers standards but a lot for me). It was a spectacular day starting out in Nokesville, VA and winding through the country roads. A big bonus that morning was a country store in the middle of nowhere. We enjoyed some coffee on the front porch.
A couple few days ago, Adam and I rode into Wash D.C (acutally Georgetown). He needed to go to work and I wanted to see that part of the WO&D. It was easy going into town since it was down hill. The 13 miles took about an hour.
Since the kids are relatively closeby, I look forward to riding more with them. I thought once they moved out and moved on we wouldn't be riding very much. But every time we get to ride, its a bonus.


  1. Cheryl and I have been looking at starting out biking. What kind of bike do you recommend for two beginners that are not in the best of shape?

    Don and Cheryl Catoe

  2. Thanks for the suggestions on bikes, I will check them out. I have not even looked at the BX at Barksdale yet. They may have a good selection also. I am hoping we can get a couple and increase our physical activity a little. After all, we need to stay healthy enough to travel :)