Monday, August 14, 2017

Farm Island State Recreation Area - SD

We were in Pierre (pronounced "PEER") South Dakota to see the State Capitol and found a great campground.  We loved this place.  Outside of town is the Farm Island State Recreation area.  We pulled in and went to our original site, but trees blocked access for our satellite TV and we were able to pick from a list of open sites.  
We found this one that was terrific.  It must be an open camphost site, because unlike the others, it had water and sewer.  The great thing about the place was not only the great view, the level site and the hookups, but also the personnel in the Office.

Brannon was completely willing to work with us and help us find a spot that worked for us and it was great.  Often times people are not able (or willing?) to move some things around to get the best site.  But this was different and we loved it.

We got settled in and enjoyed the nice surroundings.  The next evening, we were treated to a Classic Car parade.  35 or 40 cars came parading through the campground for our enjoyment and it was great!
That was a real bonus!  A nice summer evening and watching all these cars cruising by!

The next day I explored the area on my bike.  I was up for a good ride and left the campsite and rode over to Farm Island.  The flood of 2011 put everything in the area underwater, but they had the trails restored.  
The trail went along side of the Missouri River.

Farm Island was a Civilian Conservation Corps site back in the 1930's and it had some markers along the trail which showed some old pictures from then.
After a few miles around a loop, I returned to the trail near the campsite off Farm Island and toward Griffin Park near downtown Pierre on the Lewis and Clark Trail.
It turned out to be about a 10 mile bike ride which was just about right.  It was a nice weekend, a nice campground and we enjoyed our time there.

Thanks for joining us on this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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  1. We've spent quite a bit of time in South Dakota but never near Pierre. May have to rethink that in the future. Love your site.