Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Different Kind of Day with the Care-A-Vanners

We have been thoroughly enjoying our time in Sioux Falls.  We have completed day two of our Habitat for Humanity build and working on some fun tasks and learning a lot.

This morning during our devotions,
David was using a framing hammer for an object lesson.  I never knew that a framing hammer is exactly 16" long - the same distance as the standard distance between studs.  So I can use my hammer to take a quick check.

Also this has been a unique build (they are all a little different) in that we have been furnished breakfast, coffee, lunch and water from the local Caribou Coffee and Einstein Bakery store here in town.  So a big shoutout to them!  Thank you very much!!
Jessica, our Volunteer Coordinator and Point of Contact for our time here has been on site every morning to greet us, make sure all our paperwork is squared away (sign-in sheets, waivers etc) and generally be there in case we have items.

After two days we've finished the siding on the garage on three sides and are going to paint tomorrow.

As we were eating our lunch, Dan arrived.  He is a reporter for local CBS affiliate in Sioux Falls.  He spoke with quite a few of us.
Later in the day, he posted his report on the 5 o'clock news:

It's not every day things turn out this way, but it was a lot of fun.  Back to work tomorrow and painting the garage and maybe we will get started on building the front deck and porch.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. That is quite a special day. I never thought about length of hammer handle.

  2. Y'all are TV stars now! Don't let it go to your head! Great story. Thanks for sharing.

  3. On TV, now you are famous! Great work you two are doing and I am glad you are enjoying yourselves as well and meeting other helpful people. The build is looking really good. :-)

  4. It's wonderful for all the volunteer work you do. It's a special benefit of being retired and finding such helpful ways of making a difference in people's lives. :c)

  5. Wow! How exciting to be on TV! You did a great job of telling the Care-A-Vanners' story. I've enjoyed reading your blogs about Sioux Falls, too. Good work!