Thursday, October 6, 2016

Back to Virginia Beach for a Few Weeks

Once we left Red Bay, we traveled over to Maynardville, Tennessee where Pam's sister lives.  It is outside of Knoxville, about 25 minutes to the northeast.  

We love going to Maynardville and hanging out for a few days.  We get to see Joan and Mike and their kids and that's always fun.  We got some work done on the Roadrunner and had some time together to catch up with everyone.  I played golf with cousin Joey one day and he was smoking it!  He was 1 over par after hole 11 and beat me handily.  Its always fun to see these young guys smack that ball.  He sure hits it a long way.

We needed to be in Virginia to babysit some while Kelly's husband Jon was away on business so we drove the Honda to Virginia Beach from Maynardville and left the Roadrunner at Joan and Mike's.

The great thing about being at Kelly's was getting to know Brooks more.  He is quite a guy.  He's growing like a weed and going to school now.  One 1/2 a week.  Who knew that had 'school' for toddlers that are not even two years old yet.  So from 9:30 AM to 12:45 on Friday's that's what he does.

This time we got checked out in spending more time with Brooks and doing more stuff. Like putting him down and getting him up from naps.  And bath time.  There is a certain routine to all of that which if done correctly, can be successful.  So far so good.

Brooks has quite a personality and is one loving little guy.
He's practicing things like jumping, walking around with his eyes closed, pushing his plastic lawnmower around in the yard, working his iPad (which is really amazing) and he breaks into a dance now and then when the mood hits him...

Pam and I are staying at the Dam Neck RV Campground again which is about 35 minutes away but is a very nice place and right next to the beach.  While here for the next month, we are going to get all kinds of appointments out of the way.

Our first one was to get the oil changed in the Honda and schedule it for an air bag recall.  They are going to call us back on that one after we get the parts in.  I have had some tooth pain so we got into the dentist late last week and got an antibiotic and some pain pills.  And I got a referral for a root canal, with a crown to follow.

Earlier today we got the call to get the root canal done 10 days ahead of our appointment so that one out of the way this morning.  Root canals are not my most favorite thing but we got through it fine.

Most importantly, we got into see the retinal specialist first thing Monday morning.  This was a referral and 10 week followup from my retina detachment surgery in Portland OR in July.  This doctor said that doctor did a very fine job and all is looking well.  That is a relief!  Also the scleral buckle procedure I had as part of the surgery changed the shape of my eye (which is to be expected).  He recommended I wait for a couple of months to get new glasses.  The depth perception and distortion in my vision should return some more over the next few weeks so we will be patient on that.  But it was a great report and again we are very thankful about that.

Daughter Kelly is expecting grandson #2 which is due February 5, 2017 so we are going to spend a few weeks in Florida before returning on December 16, 2016 for four months.  We have been doing some planning and penciling in some things on our calendar for those few weeks and that is always fun.

So that's a quick recap and some insight into our plans here the next few months.  Hope the hurricane slows and goes away soon!  In the meantime, hope you all are well and safe.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Always nice to hear what you two are doing! Seems like we are busier now than before we retired! Congrats on that new grandbaby..blessings!!

  2. Nice to hear your eyesight was taken care of so well. Have fun with that cute kid and his dog friend.

  3. You guys need to slow down some. You're retired!

  4. Hope you're far and away from Hurricane Matthew as it barrels up the Atlantic coast!