Wednesday, November 18, 2015

On the Road Again from Virginia Beach

This morning we left our great campsite (Sea Mist RV Campground) in Virginia Beach and are headed to Maynardville, TN for the next few days and Thanksgiving.

After being stationary for about six weeks I wondered if we would be a little rusty?  We started packing up and getting ready about 6:30 AM and by 7:15 we were on our way.  We originally were planning on a new route that would take us mostly west from Virginia Beach on Highway 58.
We hadn't been that way so we were looking forward to it.  Maybe we will give it a try on another trip.

The weather report yesterday was a lot of rain all day, so we decided on a route through major highways from Interstate 64 to Interstate 81,  'just in case'.  Turned out the weather was actually fine.  We ran into a little rain, lots of clouds and some dense fog coming across the mountains from Charlottesville.

This took us through some very familiar territory.  For the 17 years we lived in Fairfax VA, we drove south on I-81 many many times to go to Tennessee.  In fact, we reminisced about taking this drive down I-81 on the maiden voyage of the Roadrunner back in June 2009.  We left Fairfax and drove to Maynardville in one day back then.  

This time we are breaking the 10 hour trip into two days.  We thought it would be a 5-6 hour trip today, but we took our time and arrived about 2:45 PM making it a 7 1/2 hour day on the road which is long enough.

Last night we did some pre-mission planning and route study and found Fort Chiswell RV Park which had good reviews on  We scored a level concrete pad and got hooked up in minutes.  We are in an area with few trees so our Winegard Trav'ler was happy and synced up in about 10 minutes.
We look forward to a relaxing evening and probably another early start to the rest of the trip to Maynardville.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. We took 60 and 460 out of Richmond to Roanoke and it was a wonderful drive. Just for future reference. It only took us 3 days to cover that road. 7 1/2 days are definitely not in our vocabulary anymore. Hope your weather stays nice.

  2. Hope the weather is nice to you. Safe travels and enjoy family in Tn.

  3. I-81, we are so familiar with it. Probably have left tire tracks grooves in the pavement from all our travels on it. ;c)