Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween To Remember

We usually don't make that big of a deal about Halloween.  But this year it was different.  What a difference it makes when you have an 8 month old grandson to celebrate it with.
We have been spending a lot of time in the Virginia Beach area since we got back from our Summer Travels.  Brooks has a lot to do with that.  It's been fun to see him grow and change in the last few months.

This past weekend Jon and Kelly decided to combine Halloween with another party/get together with friends.  And they spent all day getting ready for the group and we had fun helping out and being there.

First order of business for Jon was to get up early and start the two 8lb Boston Butts smoking on the Egg grill.
He got things going about 6 AM and by the time people started showing up at 3 PM, it was cooked and ready to eat.

He also got a 100 lbs of oysters and set them up on his fire pit in the back yard.  We ate a few of them raw and they were delicious!!
After burning some excess tree stumps and logs for a few hours, he put a screen over the fire pit, got a bucket of water and a towel to throw on top and steam them.   It worked pretty well and we ate all we wanted.

The neighborhood gets a lot of kids and we set up out in the driveway so we could see all them go by.
While we were doing that, Kelly and Jon went over to a few neighbors' houses so Brooks could get into the action.
Before it got too dark and while some folks were still there, we got a group shot
 The Cookie Monster was a big hit.  Some kids didn't know what to make of him, some knew exactly who he was and others didn't really care -- all they wanted was the candy.  Kelly had stickers, candy and the big hit of the night was a little finger ring/LED lite.
Everyone wanted one of those!

It was pretty busy and we ran out of the finger lights but had some candy and the stickers by the time the traffic cooled off.  The onslaught lasted only about an hour.  But it was a great time and a fun chance to meet neighbors and their kids and hang out with Jon and Kelly's friends for a while.

After most had gone, we helped clean up.  Jon still had some oysters left so he and a couple of guys hung around and ate them all.
That is what we did on Halloween - What did you all do?

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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  1. Yes, it sure makes a big difference when you have grandkids to help celebrate every holiday. That food sounded just fabulous..and what a great idea to steam oysters!! Will remember that as we travel to Florida this Winter!!